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Video: Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing your creativity

Through the wonderous journey that blog hyperlinks can take you to, I came across this fabulous TED video featuring Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love.  I have not read her book, but was transfixed by this video.  In it, Elizabeth discusses the angst and fear that surrounds the creative process and the impact of that fear the lives of the creative people within our society.

This  warm, humourous and moving video is a must see for anyone who struggles with worrying about whether what you create is good enough.  In it, Elizabeth shares her solution for dealing with the anguish that exists when creative people are producing something new and it occurred to me that it was relevant for entrepreneurs too.  As an entrepreneur you are constantly putting yourself and your vision, ideas, products, services out there for the world to consume.  And occasionally you worry that it’s not good enough or you worry about how the world will respond to your offering.  If that sounds like you, I recommend that you watch this video and find peace with your genius.

TED Video: Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing your creativity

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