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The book that will change the way that you market your business

I bought this book on Amazon after a very cryptic email from a popular business blogger, Naomi Dunford.   She started out the email with the following phrase

It’s 2:21 in the morning. I just finished the best business book I’ve ever read. And I’m not going to tell you what it was.


Because I want to keep it for myself.

And can you believe it, she did!!! … and by doing so, she really got my curiosity going.  I wanted to know what that book was more than anything.  I couldn’t imagine what the book could have told her, but I wanted those secrets.   And I was more than a little annoyed with her for not sharing it with us.   Thankfully, a few days later she saw sense and decided to share the book, and when she did, I bought it immediately.  That is the power of this book.

… and the name of the book is…

[drum roll please]

Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation

and it is as good as Naomi says.  The author Sally Hogshead (yes, that really is her name), starts the book with one of the best opening pages that I’ve ever read, I was pulled in immediately.  She then goes on to describe what triggers fascination in people, and how companies, people, and ideas put those triggers to use.  I now know why my husband’s obsession with Apple products has grown from resistance to wanting to have the whole lot of apple products.  I know why I am drawn to some products and not others.  And I have the theory (and am working on the practice) on how I can use those things in my own businesses.

Fascination is more persuasive than marketing.  More persuasive than advertising.  More persuasive than any other form of communication. And it all starts with seven universal triggers.

This book is a must have addition to every copywriter, marketer and entrepreneur’s book shelf.  Buy this book, trust me – you won’t regret it.

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  1. Aswin Vayiravan says

    Thanks for the review, I bought this through the kindle store and I do not regret it!