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Women Unlimited Business Club

Moxie is all about having the courage to start a business and the persistence to make it work. And that’s who this club is for: women who want more, who are serious about their business and who want to invest in themselves to get where they’re going – women who know that the quickest way to get there is to connect with other women in the same space who have been there, seen it and done it and can help them do the same.

We currently run our Business Club meetings in London, but are planning to launch more in other cities across the UK over the coming year.

British Library, Kings Cross: Last Wednesday of every month from 10:00 – 13:00


What can you expect?

The Women Unlimited Business Club is about making your business happen and work the way that you want it to.

At each  meeting you have the chance to brainstorm ideas with other smart business owners who have a whole load of experience to bring to the table both as entrepreneurs and from their previous careers.  Every month, we start out with a training session usually marketing oriented and then you have the chance to share your challenges and get feedback and inspiration from the other women who want to  grow their business just like you.  Each woman that comes along has time to really focus on their business.  Everyone is welcome to come along (you don’t need to be a member to participate), you just need to be willing to grow your business and offer your thoughts and advice to others.

Each Moxie Meeting follows a structured format, to keep everything is kept on track, and as a result you get:

  • Learning new ways to market and think about your business
  • Your own personal focus group, a virtual boardroom of sorts, getting immediate feedback on your ideas by brainstorming and bouncing ideas off other entrepreneurs
  • Best use of your time from mixing with women who are equally serious about their business,  creating deeper connections  and long-term relationships – it’s like an accelerated one-to-one
  • The chance to work on your business, not just in your business with a focus on allowing you to move forward strategically, and not just concentrate on selling
  • An opportunity to find out what you don’t know through inspiring and practical training that you can use straight away in your business.
  • Clear thinking and strategic perspectives that will help you move your business forward
  • ‘Aha moments’ that move you into the next phase of your business


How does it work?

Each club has different focus for the training, but the brainstorming is all about you.  It’s a chance to celebrate success, share your challenges and set goals for yourself.

1. Start with fun, inspiration and laughter

2. Training

3. Brainstorming & connecting

4. Sharing

5. Networking

Here are some comments from previous club attendees

“What a great club!  I connected with three women who helped me with a big issue – this was priceless.  The buzz and energy in the room was so motivating and made us feel we could achieve the success we desire!” Wendy Kerr, Momentum

“Just loved it!” Shirley Palmer, CalmRed

“The Women Unlimited Business Club is inspiring and motivational, a different way of networking with a moxie twist” Sue Oliver, Insight2Impact

“Moxie Rules!” Alicia Cowan, Absolute PA

“Inspiring, friendly, informative and FUN! ” Debbie Brooks

It’s great to be part of a group that always has me leaving the room skipping!! Marian Forkin, Hoops

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  1. Claudia says

    Hi, at what time on 25 May is the launch taking place?

  2. Ann Wright says

    And where will it be held?



  3. Tara Daynes says

    I’m booked! (10 am at the British Library). Looking forward to it!

  4. Martha says

    I am starting a Jewellery bussiness and would like to know more about this event. Could you email me more details please.


  5. Penny Heater says

    I live in Sussex and may be interested in starting a group down here. I coach women individually and in groups already. Let me know what it involves and how much it could cost/make me!

  6. Emma Hammett says

    Really sorry not to have joined you for the British Library launch. Am booked in for Wandsworth in July. Looking forward to it.

  7. Sharon Ritchie says

    I think this is fantastic.
    Is there a chance you may launch a Scottish Version?

  8. Sue Richards says

    This sounds great. Have you any plans for Hampshire/Dorset ?

  9. Erica Brown says

    This sounds like the sort of thing we need here in Leicester – anyone else in this area interested in helping develop something for Leicester / Leicestershire?

  10. Lucy Jakubowksa says

    Just booked my ticket for the London Bridge event on the 5th July! See you there!

  11. Debbie says

    Yes very interested in business club if it was closer to home near Exeter Devon let me know should you be holding any in the near future down this way.

  12. Lois Ireson says

    Just signed up for the 5th July at London Bridge. Looking forward to some more Moxie making!

  13. Heart Nwoke says

    First of all I just want to thank Jacy Stewart from Business Link for introducing me to the women social networking. I am new to this business world and social networking.

    I have worked in Housing Management in defferent positions for over 10 years but now decided to start my own business after losing my job. How I wish I knew before what I know now. We have to find ways of educating the younger generation so that they can start young thinking about starting their own business.

    A lot of us do not know it is possible starting our own business even with having or looking after young children at home. For the Women who has made it please help encourage others by organising more women business network events targeting jobcentres, local libraries, community events etc.

    Networking with other women through events has opened up a new world of knowledge and information for me and I would like to share with any one to encourage them to improve their life style.

    The time has come for women to find better ways to get their partners, husbands, sons and brothers to listen to us and support us after all our business success goes back to improving the social life of the family, community, country and the whole world finacially.

    Please where can I go for business start up funding and help to complete my business plan. I started up fashion clothing & accessories retail shop but had to closed due to lack of funds to pay the rent. My stock are at home at the moment. Please I need your expert advice and a way forward.

    Thank you all and keep up the good work

    Heart Nwoke – Newly self employed

  14. angela buck(magic sun says

    Another excellent initiativ e from Julie Hall – essentially practical useful and above all fun and we need to remember the fun!

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  17. Ana Hoffman says

    Sounds like an absolutely fabulous idea, Julie – too bad it’s not online!

    Business women should get together more often; I am tired of operating in a predominantly male world. lol

  18. Frances Conn says

    I went to my second business club event today. The presentation was excellent and I met more interesting people.

    Because Julie is such an inspiring presenter she attracts business-women that I am unlikely to meet anywhere else. Many of them are running very good businesses and can teach the rest of us a thing or two.

    And there is no ghastly hanging around trying to think of small talk – Julie has us on the go all the time. When we get do talk to each other it’s friendly, inclusive and relevant stuff we’re talking about.

    If you haven’t been, and don’t know anyone, my advice is come, and be welcomed!