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What you NEED to know about running seasonal promotions this Christmas

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the…”

Okay, okay, I’ll stop singing but only if you stop pulling that face! I know it’s too early for people to be thinking about Christmas, but it’s not too early for businesses to be thinking about it!

Here’s what you need to know about Christmas promotions:

Start now

If you want to do any kind of promotion around Christmas, then you need to get ready for it NOW because these things take time to put in place and you want to start your promotions around the beginning of November.

Be clear

Whatever your offer, keep it simple and express it clearly. There’s a reason that ‘buy one, get one free’ deals work. It’s because it sounds like a good offer and it’s easy to understand.

Make it worth your while

Be careful about the offers that you make. You don’t want to do yourself out of business. Buy one, get one free, is a good example of this because it’s not 50% off, so you’re not undervaluing the product (in people’s minds). You’re still getting them to pay full price for something, but they get something else too. These types of offers are ‘added value’ offers, and I think they’re great because all small businesses can run some type of added value offer.

Communication is king (or queen!)

Running a Christmas promotion is no good if your potential customers don’t know about it. So, you have to think about your communication plan as well. How are you going to promote it? What’s the benefit to the buyer? Why should they buy now?

It’s okay to run the same offer as last year

Lots of businesses (I can think of one big sofa manufacturer in particular!) run the same offer every year. For many it becomes a real annual event – just look at the Harrods Sale! If you ran a successful offer last year, don’t reinvent the wheel, just do it all over again and see the sales come in!

Use nice images

A Christmas campaign needs good images. Please, please, PLEASE, as a personal favour to me, use nice ones that you have the rights to use. That means having them created just for you, or going to a good stock image gallery (like Dreamstime or iStock) and buying them. It’s not expensive and it’s worthwhile. Whilst it’s okay to be a little clichéd at Christmas, try not to be TOO corny. So no 1980’s style snowman drawings if you can possibly help it.

I hope this helps you create some great Christmas offers, and brings you some fabulous seasonal sales.

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  1. Jean C says

    This was a nice post. When I managed a store and later had my store, events were planned out many months ahead.

    Too many people wait till the month before online, and I would suggest a minimum of 3 or 4 months ahead to have all their ducks in a row. It takes time to put toghether and for the proper offers to be worked up, budgeting taken care of for advertising, advertising booked, etc.