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What to do when the adrenaline fades

Most of us start a new year on a total high, and then slowly drift down into a bit of a slump around the middle to end of January. Plans and resolutions start to fall by the wayside as day-to-day life and the pressures of business mount up.

If this has happened to you, you may even feel like going back to bed and not getting up again until about April!

Although that looks very inviting, it’s not the best way to grow your business, so hibernation isn’t really an option.

Luckily, there are a number of things that you can do to refresh your spirits, get back on track, and start bringing in the clients again:

Step 1: STOP!

You feel like this because you have been doing too much, too hard, for too long. So, stop what you’re doing. Step away from your computer, or get out of the office (or shop – wherever you run your business from). A change of scene – even if it’s just another room , will really help.

Step 2: Rest

Have a sit or lie down. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply for 5 breaths, and then relax your muscles one by one – starting at your toes and working your way up your body very slowly. If you fall asleep, don’t worry, that’s allowed.

Step 3: Plan

When you open your eyes again, get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil – we’re going to clear the clutter from your mind. Either write a list or create a mind map of all the things that you have going on right now, or you are currently thinking about. Don’t censor it, just get it aaaall out on paper.

N.B. If you’ve never heard of Mind Maps, I encourage you to check them out. Mind Mapping is a really simple technique that can help you to organise your thoughts, plan projects or take notes. There’s lots of great information on how to do Mind Mapping at www.mind-mapping.co.uk/make-mind-map.htm.

Once you’ve got your Mind Map or list, pick 3 items that are your top priorities at the moment. I like you use highlighters to pick them out. These are the things that you’re going to focus on and will help you to minimise your mental ‘noise’.

Step 4: Set Baby Steps

Take the first of your priority items and decide when you are going to complete it. Now write down the individual small steps that you will have to carry out in order to achieve your priority.

When I say small steps, I mean really small. For example, if you are going to run a Valentines marketing campaign in in the run up to February 14th, then first of all you need to identify what your offer is going to be, then you need to work out how you’re going to promote it. Once you’ve decided that, you have to write the copy for any promotions, get a designer to design your promotion, etc. All of these are individual baby steps.

When you have your long list of baby steps, make a note next to each item that tells you:

  • –          When you are going to finish the baby step
  • –          Who is going to do it, or help you with it
  • –          Anything that you might need to get it done

There are 2 benefits to this list, the first is that you now have a clear route map of how you’re going to get your priority item done. The second is that you will be able to see whether your original deadlines are sensible or not.

Step 5: Celebrate

When you push yourself hard all the time, it is easy to overlook your successes. So, it’s a good idea to celebrate that you’ve not succumbed to the hibernatory urge and sat down and sorted out your plan.

Give yourself a little treat, like a new notebook, a hot chocolate, or a manicure, and take a moment to appreciate that you’re getting organised, re-invigorated, and achieving your goals!

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  1. Lily Rose says

    Forget all about it and EXERCISE!

    Your brain really needs oxygen and serotonin. You will feel much better and the ideas will come back to you once you sweat it off.

    1. Tam says

      Thanks for your comment Lily Rose – you are absolutely right.

      I’m lucky in that I have dogs, so getting a dose of fresh air and a brisk walk are part of my everyday routine. It makes such a difference!


    2. Brian says


      I’ve also heard that serotonin is released when we listen to music that reminds us of our youth or another great time in our life, like teens, early 20s. I’m not sure if that really happens, but classic songs definitely give me some good feelings, serotonin or not. : ) Of course, exercise is the best thing for us.


  2. Brian says

    You’re 100% correct Tamsin. I especially agree with the baby steps and celebration. A friend of mine once suggested to count our little victories. Anything that can be counted as a victory should.

    1. Tam says

      Absolutely, Brian!

      As small business owners we often only look at what has yet to be done, not at what we have achieved. This can be really exhausting mentally. Celebrations are the way forward!