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Are you making visual connections with your clients?

We live in a world overloaded with content; and as the Chinese proverb states…

A picture is worth a thousand words

At the click of a Google search button, we can find a plethora of rich, high quality content, information and services.

But, how do we decide where we spend our precious time? It’s said that we make a decision to click away from a website within 3 seconds!

We will often decide because of a strong visual connection: a visual narrative

Visual connections, such as pictures are emotionally powerful. You buy art for your walls, design for your home, fashion and accessories for yourselves. Why? Because you want people to connect with who you are through your taste, your appreciation of quality, and your love of beauty.

You desire beautiful and quality items and you want your clients to feel the same way about your product and services, right?

You want to create a virtual ambience to evoke the same inspiration that a client gets when they meet you face to face.

In the first stage of a buying cycle, people may not be aware of your brand or the need for what you offer.

Emotional content is indispensable at this stage. Triggering emotion gets you noticed because in the human psyche emotion is the signal that says, ‘Pay attention, this is important!’ Our brains are wired to pay attention to emotion and new or unusual things.

Besides getting attention, emotions are how we connect. We don’t care about something—whether it’s a person or problem—unless we make that emotional connection.

Triggering emotion also increases memory. The challenge of marketing your brand is to get people to remember your business when they finally get to the point when they are ready to buy. Emotion is key to that.

Content that triggers emotion is remembered better than the same content that doesn’t.

So, when you decide to choose images for your workspace, your website, blog post or digital resources, you need to think about your consistent brand archetypes, the vibe & essence of who you are and also integrate the colours of your brand. Try to pick a picture that tells as much of your story as possible and captures the message you wish to convey.

For example, it’s always useful to choose a relevant image to fit a punchy blog title. A recent client of mine requested a piece of artwork that clearly showed a woman stamping on perfection, in favour of her own authentic life. So, I illustrated a woman playing her own ‘one-man/woman’ band, whilst happily stomping on the word perfection: a story captured in one illustration.

Images help present the feeling of your lifework, instead of presenting clients with a bullet list of customer benefits. They also connect to your ‘right people’ on an intuitive and intimate level, in an immediate way.

lisaAs an artist for women entrepreneurs, I believe that customised original artwork can infuse your business with beauty and boost your brand, here are a few examples:

  • A colourful, hand-drawn logo.
  • Individualising your website or blog by replacing stock images with custom-crafted illustrations.
  • Illustrating and enhancing your e-books, e-courses, resources or slide shows.
  • Characterising your social media headers.

Your unique images can also be posted to social media sites such as Pinterest. This offers a route through which new readers can discover you and click through to your website, where they can sign up to your email list and take up your call to action.

Images and visuals are key to you making those emotional connections with your clients – they are silent but hard-working!

Let me know what you think about the power of visual connections in the comments below.


* This has been a guest post by Lisa McLoughlin- Art for Entrepreneurs http://www.lisamcloughlinart.com/ You can connect with Lisa on the icons below.

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  1. Linda Anderson says

    Fabulous post, Lisa!

    I’ve been experimenting with images myself, and you’re absolutely right, the ones that are individually created to illustrate a concept within a post or an article do attract many more readers and, even more importantly, many more interactions than the bullet-pointy ones or those illustrated with stock images.

    Your drawings are beautiful – what a great way to combine all your gifts and be of service to the world.

    1. Lisa McLoughlin says

      Thank you Linda!

      It is fabulous news to hear that bespoke hand-drawn images works for you.
      I have been overwhelmed with the feedback of a recent digital retreat for women that I illustrated for a client. The feedback was that the beta testers felt they were connected , face-to-face in the woods with my client ( which was exactly the feel she wanted)…

  2. Xandra O'Neill says

    Lisa, I love your work and your message! We window shop when we’re walking down the street, and when something catches our eye, we stop. I think the same is true in the online world.

    You are right, we connect so viscerally and so quickly with images, and in order to read the words, we have to stop first.

    Thanks for stopping by here to share this with us!

    1. Lisa McLoughlin says

      Thanks Xandra,

      I too notice how, especially when too much choice, I make judgements and decisions on what looks most appealing and communicates what it is quickly…

      I think when we have reached a certain stage in our business it can make great sense to give yourself permission to invest in the way it looks and feels….

      As an analogy, I like to think of selling a beautiful home. The inside is gorgeous , but if you walk by it looks even more inviting and homely when the garden is beautiful to look at. It draws you inside more than a concreted area..:)

  3. Robyn McKay says

    Hi Lisa, thanks for writing this great piece on the power of visual narrative for women entrepreneurs. My #1 take away from your article is that we need to understand the importance of using images to evoke a feeling that your audience can connect with – along side the words – so they know they’re in the right place. I’ve been feeling frustrated with a couple of my sales pages, which are mostly, of course, text – but I don’t feel capture the essence of my brand – or of the service.

    robyn mckay
    founder, she{ology} by dr. robyn mckay

    1. Lisa McLoughlin says

      Thank you Robyn,

      Wonderful comments…there is something about a good image evoking a sense of feeling of a brand and a feeling of being understood.

      There is also something about the audience witnessing that someone has taken the time to get the feeling right and help build trust and safety and that how the audience feels visiting your online home matters.

  4. Sebastian says

    I loved reading this. I have been interested in profiling and typology for a while and this read was great. I absolutely agree that it is imperative to make these visual connections with clients but also in any situation in life, be it with friends and family or at work or, as stated here, with clients. In any case, thank you so much for writing this and I will be coming back to read more of your posts.

    1. Lisa McLoughlin says

      Thanks Sebastian,

      It’s amazing to think that 93% of our communication is nonverbal and we have evolved to respond to images much quicker than text ( as the former been around much longer in evolutionary terms)…
      It makes it a good business decision to spend time getting the visual feel just right so that people instantly know if they are in the right place.

  5. Steph Ritz says

    Fantastic article Lisa! I never thought to consult an artist for my website, yet adding a bit of personalized art has really connected me with my message and speak many words for me with just a glance. Lovely to read your thoughts on the loudness of silent communication. Cheers!

    1. Lisa McLoughlin says

      Thank you Steph,

      You have certainly been instrumental in encouraging me to pursue what I love to do and proof of the impact of a good visual. Thank you for finding me here and commenting…