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4 Steps to turn your ‘someday’ dream into reality

Have you ever caught yourself having the same daydream over and over again?  I’m not talking so much about a ‘diet coke break’ daydream, as the someday I’ll….” daydream.

Someday I’ll… start that business

Someday I’ll… train and compete in the marathon

Someday I’ll… open my own coffee shop

What’s yours?  And how long have you been day-dreaming about it?  Can I be frank?  If you’re day-dreaming and NOT taking any action, you may as well kiss goodbye to ever making it a reality.  No business.  No marathon medal.  No coffee shop.

Don’t let time pass with your ‘song’ still inside you.

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.

– Henry David Thoreau –

Foster habits from today that will take you towards you dreams with these 4 steps:

1. Get motivated

Simple? Yes, as long as you’re doing it right.  Make sure you’re motivating yourself with a compelling, positive image.  For example, if your goal was to lose weight you’d be focusing on what you don’t want – the excess weight.  If, however, you focus on the end result, you will connect to the goal more, you’ll feel excited about achieving it … and action will follow.

 2. Chunk it down

So you’re finally ready to start the business you’ve been dreaming of?  Get clear on where you are now and what steps there are between here and there.  Break it down into small, manageable tasks.  And get started on completing these tasks from today.

3. Don’t be a busy fool

When you’re clear on what needs to be done, begin to “take care of business”.  I credit my husband with this phrase – he is my role model for being focused and productive and he swears by getting the hardest task done first.  Don’t procrastinate by being busy, focus on 1-2 important tasks at a time.

4. Make it inevitable

How can you make taking action inevitable?  For example, if you were wanting to compete in the marathon, how can you make your training inevitable?  Well, you could create a training plan.  You could get a training partner to hold you accountable.  You could leave your running kit out the night before.  You could set your alarm clock a little earlier.  Make taking action almost impossible to avoid!

Turn your someday vision into a reality.  Share what action you’re going to take from today in the comments below.

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  1. Jorge says

    Nice article Emma. I do really want to spend more time with my family in the near future, but having a business/job is very time consuming.

    Sometimes I want to give up but something internally tells me not to stop. I wish I could conquer my dream.

    1. Hi Jorge….. Glad you enjoyed this. Keep listening to that “something” internally, let it guide you. Have you reviewed how you spend your time? I found it quite an eye-opener to simply log a few days and see where my time was going…. You never know, you might identify some way to free-up some time for your family that you’d overlooked. Good luck! Emma

  2. Connor Harley says

    This is one very inspiring post. Nothing is really impossible if we strive hard and have that determination.

  3. Ellen Goldberg says

    You are so great! I never read anything like this before. I really love you for starting this up.