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Thrive 2012! Laughter, Tears and Bucket loads of Inspiration

A week ago Friday, 220 women converged on the British Library Conference Centre at 10.00.  As soon as the doors opened at 9:15, the energy in the room was palpable.  This is the 5th time I’ve run a Women Unlimited Conference, but each time there is a special magic to the day that never ceases to amaze me.

The speakers

We had 6 amazing speakers lined up; Wendy Hallett, the founder of Hallett Retail, Joanna Penn, best selling author and creator of www.TheCreativePenn.com, Lara Morgan, a force unto herself and in the afternoon, Small Business Marketing Maven Dee Blick, the funny, charming Brand Expert Lynne Stainthorpe and the amazing and inspirational Elizabeth Cairns.

The journey’s

The main speakers were fantastic, but this year we also decided that it was time to include some stories from women who were currently at different stages of their journey.  We had Precious Award Winner Lotwina Farodoye, founder of Be Fruity, legal Mary Poppins Joanna Tall from www.OfftoSeeMyLawyer.com, the incredibly inspirational founder of Save5 T Sandeman-Charles and the effervescent powerhouse Mellissa Morgan founder of vegan cake company Ms Cupcake.  We were lucky enough to have last year’s Funny Women Winner Lara King round out the day as she had everyone rolling in their aisles with her 7 stages of aging.

It was fantastic day of laughter, tears and inspiration and not one woman left the auditorium without taking away something special that they could apply to life and their business.  Early next week we will put up some of the videos from the day, but in the meantime here are some of the photos that were taken on the day by the fabulous event photographer Catherine Monfils from Catmon Photography.

You can read some of the other people’s experiences from the day here

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Video interview with Julie Hall from Women Unlimited by Sabrina Antou (includes a bit of Elizabeth’s presentation)

Here were some of the thoughts from the delegates

Women Unlimited Thrive 2012  Photo’s



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  1. Mary Malyon says

    Thanks for linking to my blog Julie, it really was an inspirational day – I’ve been telling all my friends to go next year 🙂

  2. Catherine Monfils says

    Amazing!!! Every year you manage to bring the best there is to support & inspire women to thrive with their business. I would highly recommend this event to any women that run a business. On top of the amazing speakers, there is plenty of time as well to network with like minded women. There is a real community feeling, a vibrant energy all day round. A must 😉 Thank you.

  3. Susan B. Bentley says

    Only just seen this round-up. Great testimonials, great photos, just a fantastic day! I’ll send everyone I’ve been gushing to about the day over to this page!