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Three proven ways to create more time

Chances are if run your own business, at times you probably feel fed up, overwhelmed and like there is not enough time in the day.

Over the 10 years of running my own business, I have used three time-saving techniques to help me create more time in my day. I will share them with you here as they help me run my business successfully.  If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and out of control, try applying these techniques now!

1.      Conquer Your Email

Imagine knowing that all of those tasks, enquiries and important newsletters had been read, actioned and moved on, out of your inbox. And that you finished each day with an empty in-box. Would that take a load of your shoulders? Would you start to look forward to opening you email each day instead of viewing it with dread?

Try this effective way to manage email and see what difference it makes!

The 4 D’s Approach to Managing Your Email.

The goal is to only touch each email ONCE and then remove it from your in-box. (Your in-box is NOT a filing cabinet!) Once it is out of your in-box, your mind frees up to focus on other things. Magic!

When you open an email, choose one of the following 4 actions:

1. Do It Now

If it is a short task, do it now. Reply, action, make that appointment or whatever it is.
And then when it’s done – delete it or file it.

2. Decide When

If you know the action required by the email will take longer than a few minutes, or maybe it needs some thinking or further investigation, decide when you will do it and then block that time in your calendar.
Actually schedule to time to do the action the email requires. Then place the email in a folder marked “Scheduled Follow Up”

3. Delegate

If you have someone to delegate to – then do it! Forward them the email and a date by when it must be responded to. Then place email in your “Delegated” folder.

4. Delete

No action, no need to file the email – then delete it. So it is gone and out of your in box and out of your head space.


2.      Get Control of Your Diary

In one of my coaching sessions a few years ago, I complained to my coach that my diary was jam-packed – it was like it had exploded and taken on a life of it’s own. She then asked me a very simple question, “Well, Wendy, who actually puts those appointments in your diary?” Well, d’uh, it was me. I then had a fabulous light bulb moment and realized that I need to get control of my diary. This meant me putting myself first and structuring my week.

In the past I used to run about all over the city to lots of meetings and networking events five days a week!  This meant I was spending a lot of time travelling back and forth to meetings, precious time I couldn’t use to work.  I found that my output was decreasing and I wasn’t getting the work done, nor did I have time to really think.  So, I decided to get tough with my diary and only do certain things on certain days.

Try it! For instance  – my week looks like this

Monday: Work from my office
Spend time planning my week, have my mastermind call, my marketing call and write articles.

Tuesday: Work from Office
Create courses, create the marketing campaign and if its the last Tuesday of the month, spend time reviewing my longer range plans.

Wednesday: Work from office or meet clients

Thursday: Workshops
This is the day I run workshops face to face or virtually

Friday: Out and about
Networking and meeting new people. I do this on a Friday as everyone’s diary seems to be easier to get into!

It took time to get used to being so disciplined but now I do it, I love it and I have more time!
Try shaping your schedule in a way that works for you.


3.      Plan Your Day

This is much more than just writing a to-do list.
This is really about planning to use your time effectively. Again, I find that structuring my day into chunk’s to do certain types of activities is very efficient.

Try planning your day as follows:

  •  What are the things that MUST get done to day to move your business forward?
    Schedule time to do these FIRST. Even before you open your email, before you return those calls. If you don’t spend time working on those things that will grow your business, it will stagnate.
  • Plan two time slots for email.
    Do not have your email on all day. I doubt you need to be that immediately on call. I do mine (using the 4D approach) on the late morning and then last thing in the afternoon. And it is switched off at all other times. By doing this I control my day, not the people sending the email.
  • If you have to make a lot of calls, group them together and do them one after the other.
    This will get you into the rhythm and free time up later for other things.
  • Writing and planning tasks you need to  think about…
    always schedule a block of three hours of completely uninterrupted time. The only way you will get the work done is if you actually make the time for it and focus in it. Remove other distractions and enjoy having the space to work.
  • Social Media. Manage this like email.
    Choose two or three times a day when you will check and update and set a limit on your time. I have clients that use a timer set for 15 minutes. This helps them be more efficient when they go into the social media world.


Time is finite.

When we have a day, we never get it back.

Time is one of the most precious resources of your business.

With more planning and forethought you can create more!



Wendy Kerr is an expert in Corporate Crossovers® –  women who have left corporate careers to start their own businesses. Her company, Corporate Crossovers®, offers coaching, mentoring and resources to enable these women to thrive in their businesses and their lives. Every month she offers free Master classes over the phone with relevant topics to give you a burst of momentum for your business! For more information, and your free e-book to “Start Earning What You Used To”, visit http://www.CorporateCrossovers.com



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  1. Valerie Eaton says

    Thanks for the great tips, Wendy.

    I certainly agree with you regarding email – I’m quite ruthless now about deleting and unsubscribing from emails that I no longer need. I also use filters to manage my inbox for emails that I don’t need to read now but want to look at later.

    I like your idea of planning your week and doing certain things on certain days – I’ll definitely look into that.

    1. Wendy Kerr says

      Hi Valerie

      Thanks for your comments – structuring my week has made the biggest difference to my time. I love having clear days in front of me when i can just ‘work’. It has helped me feel much more in control of my business and enabled me to produce more.
      Good luck with your new routines!

  2. lynne jones says

    Wise Words Wendy that we can all apply