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The rise of the micro-entrepreneur

Hi everyone, this morning I wanted to share this TEDx talk about the rise of the micro-entrepreneur, that Julie did at UCL back in 2013. It’s a testament to how much work Julie does behind the scenes of Women Unlimited, whether it’s speaking, judging awards, mentoring micro-business owners or spreading her message of ‘you can do it too!’

I love this talk, because it shows not only Julie’s journey, but it gives us ‘real world’ examples of people who have built a successful business by simply taking an idea (in their own small corner of the world) and running with it.

She inspires us to stop looking at the problem of either not having a job, or having a job you don’t want, and embrace the benefits of micro-entrepreneurism; and to take full advantage of the rewards and freedoms it offers. She also sensibly talks about balancing the two, until you reach the tipping point of being able to become a full-time micro-entrepreneur. So grab a cuppa and take a few minutes to think about what you can achieve in your own small corner

Photocredit: deathtothestockphoto.com

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  1. Catherine Bruce says

    This TEDX talk by Julie was very inspirational and well delivered. I am so glad she was persuaded to share it but I absolutely understand why she was reluctant because we all cringe a bit at seeing ourselves in videos.However, her straightforward tips for success were so honest, intelligent and experience based. I found all the advice and information very helpful and will definitely apply these lessons to my growing business. I came out of a career as a teacher that spanned 20+ years, went to work as a volunteer in shantytowns in Rio Brazil and on return to the UK, wanted to move into my own business. Inspired by so many strong women from the International community in Rio who were using a multitude of talents to add something of value to the Rio community, I realised,as Julie says, that I could do the same as a business woman in the UK. I retrained as a Style and Image Consultant and life coach and am making a difference now in my small corner.

    1. Julie Hall says

      Thanks Catherine! It’s great to hear that you’re making it work and making a difference x

  2. Zarayna Pradyer says

    What a very interesting talk and so well delivered. Thank you, Julie.

    Other tips for success that Julie didn’t mention is that it helps in business, as well as in life generally, to be pleasant and personable. But, of course, Julie simply exudes these qualities so doesn’t need to list them.

    Thanks again and warmest regards.

    1. Julie Hall says

      Thanks Zarayna – what a lovely comment 🙂