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The long term cost of ego and personal interest

We’re now 4 days past the election and all we’re seeing is squabbling, negotiating, defending, arguing (see Adam Boulton – Alistair Campbell fight on Sky last night) and in the middle of all this the British electorate are helpless.

Today Britain wakes up to find that we still have no agreement as Nick Clegg and his party put their own wishes and desires against those of the country. This action will cost the Liberal Democrats massively if we have a quick election. With each passing moment, it feels like the Liberal Democrats are holding the country to ransom by not making a decision unless they get what they want. And as people face the reality of living with a hung parliament they will decide that they need to choose either Labour or Conservative at the next election as a three way split is not providing the economic stability that the country needs.

An alternative solution?

Think how refreshing it would be to see all three parties come together and form a three way coalition. Most people believe that David Cameron should take his place at Number 10 as leader of the party with the most votes. ButHow about this for a radical thought; wouldn’t it be great if MP’s started to vote on the merits of a proposal rather than sticking solidly to party lines. Could you imagine a country of free thinking politicians?

A three party coalition could end up being the best for the country as it would force the Conservatives to modify some of their more radical social reforms, get on with sorting out the economy, which has to be our greatest priority, and figure out which of their policies are REALLY important. But the idea of needing guarantees and certainty of a winning position on everything that government puts through parliament is ridiculous. A three way coalition could mean that the other parties were included in policy making, included in decision making and included in creating a better Britain.

The political parties are not as far apart as they might think but I suspect it’s their ego’s that makes it seem that way.

Grandstanding and ego

We see a similiar situation where ego and self- interest are taking precedence over common sense in the current situation with British Airways as Willie Walsh and the union Unite go head to head culminating in the prospect of 20 days of strikes. This confrontation is so emotional that neither party feels like it can back down. And who will pay the price? Everyone! All those people who trusted BA enough to fly them to their holiday or business trip will be feeling frustrated an angry at this latest situation.  The  British Airways brand will crash in popularity and their already unstable finances will take another huge know.  Unite will bear the brunt of the public’s anger at their selfishness for choosing strike dates that impact the school holidays.

The trust between the consumer and British Airways potentially will be irreparably damaged if this strike goes ahead.  The commonly held belief in the press is that British Airways will capitulate at some point during the strike, wso hy not just get it over with and do it now before so many people lives are disrupted.

Imagine a world

Imagine a world where ego took a back seat to common sense. Imagine a world where the greater good took precedence to personal interest. Maybe it’s time for the leaders in our country, both commercial and political to put ego to one side, grow up and start acting like adults.

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