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The Jelly Effect

The Jelly Effect was recommended to me by my co-trainer at the Mastering Communications workshop we held back in March and I have to say, I was not disappointed.

This book is a great starting point for small business owners who want to be more  effective in their communications across the board.  Andy covers topics such as how to be an effective networker, improve the quality of your presentations and sales effectiveness.

The most profound thing that I got out of the book was the concept of ‘AFTERS’ . This is in the opening pages of the book and the foundation of everything else throughout.  I have read many books about being benefit focused, but didn’t really get it until Andy simply and clearly pointed it out (so obvious now!).

On Amazon there are a mix of review mainly positive, but a few negative.  The negative ones focus on the over simplicity of the book, so if you feel that you already know a lot about communications, this book may not be for you (you might want to check out my all time favourite communications book Made to Stick), but if you would like some simple tools and practices that you can implement immediately, this is a great book to help you make small changes that will have tremendous impact.

Here is one of the Amazon reviews that I think is a pretty accurate perspective.  Check out the Jelly Effect, in my opinion, it’s worth a read.

“I  have read various sections more than once – looking for the catch! But there isn’t one. I am reading some of the most useful advice I have ever read in plain, normal English – just as if I were listening to a close friend. No business jargon, no over inflated business language – just plain simple, easy to absorb advice.

And the best bit is that it is all about how we make the best use of our verbal communications with other business people when selling, networking, referral seeking and presenting- something we all do every day. There is no academic, NLP layden, brain bending rubbish here – just everyday situations that business people face. “

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  1. Patricia says

    Thanks for the information on the book, I’ll add it to my list of must read books.