Women leading women

The big idea!

For thousands of people, the recession has been the perfect opportunity to release their inner entrepreneur and set themselves up in business.   These enterprises come in all shapes and sizes from a small business that will benefit a local community to a social enterprise that will benefit communities at home and abroad.

Then there are thousands of others saying “I would love to start up my own business…..if only I knew what to do!”  While motivational seminars are wonderful, sometimes you need practical help to set you on your way, especially if you aren’t an ideas person or you may have difficulty securing large sums of money to launch an enterprise.

Remember, many businesses aren’t original in themselves;  they are just a new twist on an old idea and many don’t need oodles of cash to set up.  Below are a collection of business ideas from Winweb Online Office; when advising the viewer how to market their idea the presenter gives the same information on a few of the videos – please feel free to skip to the next one once you get the gist of his marketing techniques!

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