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Taking 100% responsibility – Commit to your success

If you truly want to succeed there is only one person who can create that success for you. One of the founding principles of any success programme is that we are each responsible for our own actions, achievements and outcomes.

This means everything in your life is a result of what you do or don’t do. If you are single and you want to be married, if you are not getting the results you want in your business, if you are not as healthy as you would like, if you have more credit card debt than you would like; each of these things are the result of your own actions and decisions.

Are you taking 100% responsibility?

So, I ask you, are you taking responsibility? Are you taking 100% responsiblity? Taking 100% responsibility means not blaming others, not making excuses, and accepting that you are the one who has created the life that you live today. Do you have the relationship that you want? Is your business performing at the level that you aspire to? Is your weight where you would like it to be? Are you happy with the relationship that you have with your children? Each of these outcomes are the result of decisions that you have made in the past. You are the creator of your own experience both past and future.

To make a change in your life you have to give up all your excuses, all your victim stories, all your complaints and stop buying into all your reasons for not being where you want to be. Take the position that you can change your life. That is not to say that there will not be obstacles that you will face, but you can choose how you face those obstacles – with determination, with creativity, with persistence and with belief that you will find a way around it.

Many success stories come from people who have overcome obstacles that you and I could not imagine. Kanya King created the Mobo Awards in her back bedroom as a single mother in her early 20’s. LK Bennett launched her business in a recession, with no financing and has gone on to create one of the UK’s most successful fashion brands. Team Hoyt, the father and son team, where Rick the son is a spastic quadriplegic, cerebral palsy, non-speaking person –compete all over the world in marathons and triathalons. These are just a few of the stories that show what is possible when you commit to something and don’t let circumstances get in the way. These people did not make excuses and are creating success in their lives day after day.

“Ninety nine percent of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses” George Washington Carver

What are your excuses?

This is an exercise to find out where your blockages are and identify your favourite excuses for not getting the results that you would like. It’s important to note that this is not an exercise for self recrimination; it is a way of identifying the areas that you would like to change and identifying how you are going to do it.

  1. Write down a list of all the areas in your life where you are very satisfied with the current situation
  2. Write a list of all the areas where you are less than satisfied with your current situation
  3. Against the first list write down how you created that. What were your beliefs, what were your success factors, who helped you, how did you achieve those great things in your life.
  4. Against the second list identify how you created that, what were your self limiting beliefs, what can you do differently to get the result that you want.
  5. Now, applaud your successes. Give yourself a pat on the back and acknowledge yourself for the great things that you have achieved.
  6. Look at the two lists and identify how you can apply the behaviours from the first list to the second list


Where to go from here

Choose 3 areas that you would like to make a change from today;

  1. Write down 5 things that you can do TODAY to change that situation
  2. 5 people who can help you deal with the problem
  3. 5 resources that will help you achieve your goal

But we’re going into a recession…

In today’s economic climate it is very easy to use the economy as an excuse for not getting the results that you want in business. The reality is that some successful entrepreneurs will view this time with glee. Success is an attitude. The current economy is an opportunity to get the edge on your competitors; it is an opportunity to invest in areas where others are retracting; it is an opportunity to find new ways of working. Entrepreneurs are going to be at the forefront of pulling us out of this recession and creating the future. If you run your business well, everything else will follow.

Some final thoughts

If you take 100% responsibility for your success in all areas of your life you will achieve more. It is not easy to face our demons and it is not easy to accept that we have been responsible for our lack of success, but no-one else can do this for you. Identify where your gaps are and take action. Don’t go for the quick fix.  We live in a world where we want things instantly, but change takes time. Take a step back from your situation, figure out how you are getting in your own way and make the decision today to change it. Commit 100% to achieving your goals and watch the magic happen.


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