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Spare Room Start Up: How to Start a Business from Home

There are lots of startup books out there, but how do you know which one to pick?  This book, Spare Room Start Up: How to Start a Business from Home by Emma Jones is unequivocally one of the best and if you start out with this book if you are thinking about starting a business from home, you won’t go too far wrong.

Spare Room Start Up is a friendly and stylish, full colour guide which focuses on the specific issues that affect home business start-ups, from the ‘kitchen table business plan’ to the web server in the attic, organised by three key themes: business, lifestyle and technology. It is an essential book for anyone who wants to start a business at home and manage a work/life balance. The home has become the most popular location for business start-ups in the UK.

Over 60% of businesses are now started from a home base; more than 1,400 every week. Yet there is no authoritative and approachable guide to starting a home business. Spare Room Start Up presents people with simple solutions, demonstrates the ease and low cost with which a home business can be started, and dispels the myths about working from home, so that more people can enjoy the rewards of running a successful home business and lead a happier life. Advice and suggestions are interspersed with quick tips, illustrations and case studies to uncover the lighter side of working from home.

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About Emma Jones

Following a career with an international accountancy firm, Emma started her first business at the age of 27 and successfully sold it just 15 months after launch.

The home business website was launched in 2006, and has attracted a regular readership of more than 250,000 people and national press headlines. Emma has written for Enterprise Nation since its launch and also for the Financial Times, City AM and customer magazines, including for Orange, Microsoft, BT and Viking Direct.

In July 2007, Enterprise Nation launched the ‘Home Business Award’, which is the UK’s only award dedicated to home businesses, and have just launched The Home Business Report with BT, the UK’s first region by region look at home business. Emma is regularly called upon by the Government to speak on the subject of home business and she advises Regional Development Agencies on how to encourage and support homeworking.

Some of the customer reviews from Amazon:

I’m an avid reader of business books and I honestly have rarely seen such rave reviews of a business book.  Here are some of the reviews that have been left by others who have read Spare Room Startup, which has received 5 stars across the board…

“Gripping as any thriller, for an entrepreneur that is, this is the book to take you from rags to riches quicker than Cinderella – when you take the lessons. Oh! that this book had been around when I started my first enterprise at 18. I have met some of the featured entrepreneurs from these Case Studies and had the privilege to work with a number of home business start up entrepreneurs, including the late Dame Anita Roddick, and Emma Jones. This book gets the message across that they are just like us. Speaking from experience, starting a business from home is life changing but EASY! – when you know how. Spare Room Start Up is excellent not only for helping people to make that start, but it is a call to stand up and take pride that a home based business is the most sensible and cost-effective way for many people to test, launch and grow their business idea in a safe environment. This applies perhaps especially for people with illnesses, disabilities, children or caring responsibilities – And let’s be clear, the lessons in this book also apply equally to all businesses.

Full of practical business and personal stuff; lots of brilliant Case Studies; easy to follow hints, tips and ideas; useful website links plus templates that you can use straight away for everything from sorting out your marketing plan to getting the pages of publicity that every business needs. ”

“Not the usual boring business book. This sleek and stylish coffee table edition makes you want to get out there and start your own business. It’s practical and friendly and easy to understand. It’s written in an upbeat and fresh manner. The pictures are fabulous too. It makes a great gift for someone thinking of taking that first step into self employment. And written by such an expert – you really feel that your hand would be held through the whole process.”


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  1. Zoe@Flexible Working Life says

    Interesting. I have, unbleivebly it seems, never heard of Emma Jones, but will now buy this book and get to know her. She sounds fab.

  2. Julie Hall - Editor says

    Hi Zoe, Thanks for your comment – It is definitely worth getting. If you’re London based you can see Emma speak at the Business Link “We mean business” event in London on the 12th of Nov