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Some will, some wont, so what … someone else is waiting!

Your first one or two years starting up your own business can be mentally tough.  You start from nothing and then find yourself with one or two clients.  Your confidence grows and you nervously push yourself that little bit more.  Perhaps get out to a networking event or call up a contact or two from your corporate days.

Then you may get a few more clients.  Yes, it feels good.

But then, your clients cancel.  ”I’m are too busy“, they say.  ”Apologies but I’ve got to go away on business.”  Or “I’ve got a few family problems to sort out.  I’ll call you again next month. Is that OK?

You start to doubt yourself.  You start to feel desperate about finding another client. Are you really as good as you thought you were?  Are your clients cancelling because they think you are crap?!

The ebb and flow of clients is tough.  As new clients come to you, your confidence soars.  But as a client leaves you – even when you’ve done your job really well and there is no reason for them to pay for your services any more!!! – your confidence can flood away like a burst water mains.

This was happening to one of my clients this month.  Her initial joie de vie was starting to fizzle and she was questioning her ability and skills. I was reminded of a post-stick note I had stuck on my wall at about month 5.  I had exactly the same crisis of confidence. And as I read one of my favourite books “The Aladdin Factor” by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, one the stories gave me this phrase:

Some Will, Some Won’t, So What …. Someone else is waiting!

That’s how life goes.  Some people you speak to will drop everything and demand a meeting with you right there and then. Others will have glazed over eyes and wonder what on earth you are talking about.  And others will commit to you … and then cancel, for no apparent reason.

So keep going! Don’t let the buggers get you down! If one person says no, so what! There WILL be someone else there who will say yes.  You just have to keep going to find them.

Because if you do constantly and consistently market yourself, you WILL attract new client constantly and consistently.

What do you do to get through the times when clients cancel? We would love your thoughts and ideas

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  1. Valerie says

    Great article, Karen. Someone once said to me that you have to go through a lot of no’s before you get a yes. It can be disheartening at first, but you’ve just got to dust yourself down and get back out there! I’ve found the best way is to keep networking, both face to face and online – it takes time to build the relationships but I’m now getting work and referrals from the people I’ve met. Also asking for referrals from your clients – which I tend to forget about!

    1. Karen Skidmore says

      Thanks for your thoughts Valerie. Persistence is incredibly important! And yes it can take time to see results. It took me a while to realise that networking was like a pregnancy. It often took at least 9 months for anything to happen ;o)

  2. Tanya Rennick says

    Hi Karen,

    I think you’ve raised a very important point here. There is ebb and flow when starting out in business and new clients are thin on the ground and it’s easy to place to much importance on each one. There will be times when they simply cannot make it and it’s probably no reflection on your business, though it can feel like it. As you say, by continuing to do what you do constantly and consistently, you will indeed attract new clients and if one or two fall away for whatever reason, it won’t result in a dip of confidence in your abilities.

    I love people watching. Sometimes I will take a minute to sit in a cafe in town and watch the hustle and bustle of life. Hundreds of people walk by and I may not recognise a single soul. It reminds me that London is full of people who I haven’t met yet and each person represents limitless opportunity.

    1. Karen Skidmore says

      Absolutely ;o)

  3. Paula says

    This is a valuable post Karen and a great “kick up the arse” for anyone who’s struggling. I spent time yesterday with friend who’d had a flurry of rejections but I truly believe that those knocks are there to test our strength and commitment to our cause. If I’m having a day where things are just not going my way, I try to step aside if my diary will let me, and focus on something completely different for the rest of the morning or day. Re visiting things the next day is so much better than continuing to beat yourself up and digging a bigger hole.

    I also think the motivational quotes is a great one too. When you find one that works for you then stick it on your wall and let it inspire you. I have this one: “It’s never too late to be who you might have been”. Always stops me in my tracks.

  4. Rhona Byrne says

    Thank you for your timely words of wisdom.

  5. Parveen says

    Very nice and inspirational post, keep it up.