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Presenting with impact and using satir categories

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Joanna Martin at her presentation secrets event in London a couple of weeks ago.  Joanna specialises in helping business owners make money out of speaking around their subject area.  This vidoe runs through how to use satir categories in your speaking repertoire from a woman’s perspective (this is important because we can’t get away with some of them in the same way that men can).

Her courses are not just about how to present effectively, their real value is in how you turn your speaking slots into business revenue.  She gives you tried and tested methods for optimising your speaking efforts and turning that into new business or product sales.  Apparently almost anything can be sold from stage (even beds!) .  She has loads of Videos on her You Tube Channel and offers an online mentoring programme and face to face workshops that can help turn your speaking skills into business revenue.    She is offering a course from November 13 – 15 in London (I’ll be there!).  So if you’re in any way interested in using speaking as a business tool you should have a look at her site and blog

What I really like about Joanna is that she is one of the few women who are effectively selling from stage. She has a lot of experience in this area and was a lead presentation trainer for Christopher Howard Events. She has a unique insight into how women can make the most of their stage presence and in this video offers some real and practical advice on how to use satir categories to greatest effect.

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  1. Henry Lawson says

    I’m interested to know what the proposed emotional impact of the distracter is….

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