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Persistence and self belief: Natalie Ellis, Road Refresher

I love this story because it has all the great ingredients.  Hardship, struggle against the odds, underdog, tall mountain to conquer and success in the end.  Natalie Ellis faced the Dragons in Dragons Den last year with her innovative product, Road RefresherThey gave her a really hard time, which was actually quite difficult to watch as she had share that she had been a victim of a stroke while running her previous business.  She has overcome all to create a very successful business and has conquered the USA with her Road Refresher dog bowl – a place that one of the dragons referred to as the ‘graveyard for British Businesses’.  She proved them wrong and is now in a position to build from a very strong business foundation.  The sky is the limit for Natalie.  Well done, we think you are pretty amazing!

Natalie Ellis sharing her story on BBC News


Natalie Ellis In the Dragons Den

Here is the full dragons den experience, if you missed it the first time round.

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  2. Lee Robinson (Mrs) says

    Dear Natalie

    I am the speakers Secretary of The Stock Brook ladies Probus group, we have 140 members we meet on the first Thursday of each month and we would like you to come and speak to us and jon us for lunch. The dates available are August 4th, Sept 1st and Oct. 6th 2011 or any Thursday you like 2012.
    Please let me know if you can come