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Ordinary girls…become Extraordinary Women

I love being a woman, seriously I do, and the richness that it brings is pure magic.

Being a successful woman is as much about who we are as to what we are doing, it so much more than the awards, job promotions, status, fame, trophies etc.

They are significant and good yes, but more so is the right combination to feed the mind, body, and soul.

Success is not a destination- it’s a journey

The quality ingredients for a successful life are creativity and self-expression, learning and growing and making a difference in the world.

I also adore the women in my life.  Can you imagine life without them?  Hell no!

Girlfriends listen to us, give advice, cheer our successes, comfort us in our failures and give that much needed a kick in the butt when necessary!

Our girl friends are a powerful, safety net that we rely on as we fly the trapeze of life.

They are flexible and strong, and help us bounce back when we fall.  Life without girlfriends would be just plain crazy.

We are blessed to have so many other extraordinary women mum’s, daughters, sisters, and friends who  help inspire us every day, from  grass roots level, to world wide at the touch  of a button the internet.  Women, who inspire others, are a tonic for life. As we know brilliant ideas, hard work and perseverance are critical to creating a successful business and career no matter who you are.

However for a woman with a vision the climb up to the top can be tough.   I believe a slice cake always helps…

Commit to you, be the best you can be, and fulfil your passions

Action, taking the steps needed to achieve your dreams

Knowledge is power! Never forget that.

Enthusiasm and energy for life is prices less.

Here are four remarkable women that enjoy eating cake and who have all made their business ideas into reality.

Jessica Huie

founder of the ethnic greeting cards company Colorblind Cards, started her career as an 18-year-old single mother with four GCSEs and a drive to be a success and secure a better future for her daughter.

In May 2007 the UK’s largest card chain, Clinton Cards, rolled out the range and Colorblind Cards is now stocked in 100 of their stores, as well as 45 independent shops.

In 2007, she was honored in the Evening Standard/02 awards recognising inspirational entrepreneurs.

Sam Roddick

is the founder of “erotic emporium” Coco De Mer and daughter of Body Shop-legend Dame Anita Roddick.

Today Coco de Mer has outlets in London and Los Angeles, and New York erotic emporium’ is dedicated to the celebration of sexual pleasure, empowerment, dignity and discovery.  Sam Roddick is regarded as having spearheaded the transformation of the sexual retail environment and has a background in radical activism.

Sian Sutherland

is managing director of Mama Mio – “skincare for supermamas”. She started the business with two friends, after seeing a gap in the market for luxurious and safe creams that pamper women’s skin, specifically during and after pregnancy.

All the products in the Mama Mio range have been created to answer specific needs based on the experiences of Sian and her two founder friends.

Sian has been named British Female Innovator of the Year 2006 and Mama Mio the winner of the Best Pregnancy Product at the Pregnancy & Birth awards in 2006.

Lorraine Heggessey

is a true pioneer in the television industry. She was chief executive of Talkback Thames, for five years until recently she left June 2010.

She was head of one of Britain’s most successful independent production companies that produce programmes such as The X-Factor, The Apprentice and Green Wing.

A champion of new talent in her industry, Lorraine became the first female controller of BBC1 and was named “First Woman of Media” in the 2006 CBI/Real Business First Women Awards.

When ever I hear about a women achieving great ness in the world it really gives me a warm glow, and an instant connection I say fantastic not just for her, but for  us all.

A true reminder that ordinary girls… do become extra-ordinary women.

Stay blessed & positive.x

About the Author: Karyn Bascombe

I call myself a late starter; to the career and business world that is, but that’s no disadvantage, not understanding I had entered the university call life when I became a mum at 21!

So therefore had been busy attaining degrees, and qualifications of all kinds without realising it, until now. Lucky me I say.

I am a proud single mother of 3 children 21, 17, and 7; they are my daily inspiration.

I am a freelance feature writer, and I also create and deliver inspirational programmes for girls.

I love what I do, my one important rule of thumb is, always remember people first!

Feel free to contact me at


T: 07948 793 632

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  1. Felicity Lerouge says

    I agree, Kathryn. It is wondeful to be female and have so many extraordinary women in my life: my mothers (I’m privileged to have two), my sisters (also two), a myriad of friends that I count as sisters, as well as an abundance of coaches, mentors and role models who constantly inspire me.

    It’s great to celebrate success and realise that most of us come from a similar start in life. The playing field is much more level than even fifty year ago and we have so many opportunities to create the success we want in outr lives – if we can only believe in ourselves.

    That’s where the support of our wonderful women often comes in. They believe in us when we can’t see our own possibilities. They encourage us when we think we are spent.

    Thanks for celebrating the Phenomenal Women who have touched you. we can never have too many inspiring role models.

  2. Jodi says

    I think you’re very luck, Felicity. I come from the other end of the spectrum. Having women stump me along the way in my life and career and not having the bonus of great mothers or sisters. Any ideas?

  3. Julie Hall - Editor says

    Hi Jodi – I would suggest that you surround yourself with supportive women through networks if your personal network doesn’t support this. There are a lot of great women’s networks out there depending on where you are located. Go with an open heart and think about how you can help them. The warmth and support you receive, will give you a strong start to developing powerful relationships that can last a lifetime. The more you give, the more you get back.

  4. Karyn says

    Hi how lovely,

    I was just having a look through some features for fresh inspiration for my December offering for Women Unlimited!! and found comments re my article, it truly brings a tear to my eyes.

    Love that it sparks debate, and most of you are willing to your share thoughts

    Jodi, just want to second Julie’s commenst, one small step can lead to a whole new adventure, sending you hugs & sista-ship vibes.

    Thank you

    Stay blessed & positive