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Liza Donnelly: Drawing upon humor for change

Liza Donelly was one of the speakers during the 2011 TEDx Women conference.  TED are releasing this videos over a period of time and this was one of the most enjoyable presentations of the day.  It will leave you laughing and celebrating being a woman.

A wonderful video that will definitely brighten your day.

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  1. Frances Barrone says

    Women as change agents is a well recognised phenomena within community development and the health and wellness industry. The use of humour can help to accelerate the rate of positive and impactful change which ripples out to families organisations and the wider community. I would add that if compassionate love and support for our fellow women is added that it boosts the happiness, creativity and productivity of entire nations and generations. I feell blessed and privileged to work as a Certified Lifeskills Consultant and Community facilitator, Coach and Mentor as this work inspires me and I know the impact of that on my family , frineds, colleagues and clients. My latest appraoch is to encourage and employ playfulness and allow that child within to escape on a daily basis and it is paying great dividends all round much in the same way as the cartoons do in this talk. So here’s to love and laughter and lots more of it!!