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3 Keys to achieving massive success in your home business!

As part of my recent interview series with successful entrepreneurial women, I’ve asked over 30 women about the highs and lows of working from home and being the boss. What I heard was inspiring and definitely ‘real-world’ advice. No sugar-coating here then!

So, how do you ensure massive success with your home business?

Here are 3 key tips from women “doing it for themselves”


1. Establish a home/work boundary

One of the biggest challenges my entrepreneurial mums faced was establishing the boundary between home and work. Physical boundaries are easier to establish, and it’s important to have a dedicated workspace where you can organise your files. A dedicated phone line and computer are important too.

What’s harder is the conflict you feel when the business phone rings during dinner or when you’re with the family. Should you answer it and take time away from the family, or do you risk losing a new customer?  When you are working flat-out to build a business, the answer may not be so clear-cut!

More difficult to adjust to, and especially if you’re used to the rigidity of office hours, is the demarcation of time. Well-meaning friends and family assume because you’re at home that they can pop in any time for a coffee and a chat. They may not fully understand or appreciate that you are working and may be crunching a deadline.

It’s easy to become a workaholic when you’re running your own business so balancing this drive to work constantly with some downtime is important but it needs to be on your terms. Remember you’re a business owner, and must act and think like a business owner, not a mum working from her kitchen table (even if that’s what you’re doing!)

2. Get a mentor

One of the most-oft mentioned success secrets was to get a mentor. Find someone in your business who has achieved the success you’d like to have and see if they’ll mentor you. You might need to offer to help them in some way or they may offer a paid mentoring programme. You could offer help by promoting their products, or volunteering time to help them with a project. Perhaps you can review their products or support their services in some way.

What you’re trying to achieve is to build a relationship with someone who will mentor you. You want to learn their success secrets and get their advice on your unique situation and challenges. A mentor will also give you honest, in-depth critique of your business and show you how to improve what you’re doing and avoid some of the pitfalls.

If chosen well, a mentor will pay for themselves many times over. All the women I interviewed started their businesses on a shoestring but they all said that a mentor was one expense worth investing in.

3. Have an online presence

Regardless of the business you’re in, you need an online presence. Period. It might be a blog, website, online store or facebook fan page. But, if you’re not online you might as well not exist.

You can create an online presence without spending much money and without having any technical or design skills using free blogging tools or social media. However, if you’re serious about your business it’s well worth investing in your own domain name and having your site hosted so you have a website that you 100% own and control. A simple WordPress site with a professional looking theme and some basic plug-in’s will instantly lift your brand, generate more leads, turn prospects into customers, and help you take your business to the next level.

If you’d like to share you tips or challenges in running your home business, I’d love to hear in the comments below!


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  1. Lauren Porter says

    These are wonderful steps to keep in mind! I never thought of a mentor being so crucial in the process. I definitely will have to look for one now!

    1. Cassie | Womenswaytowealth says

      Thanks Lauren, I hadn’t realised the impact of a mentor either and have made it one of my 2013 goals to find someone to work with. It surprised me how many women were putting every cent into their businesses, but investing in a mentor was still considered an essential start-up cost. Not what I would have imagined before starting the interviews. I always thought of a mentor as someone to help get your business to the next level. But, it seems, a mentor can also be vital in getting your business off the ground.

      Good luck in finding your mentor!

  2. Carole Bozkurt says

    Great article Cassie – really enjoyed reading it – full of useful advice! Carole

    1. Cassie | Womenswaytowealth says

      Thanks Carole, really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Glad you enjoyed the article.

  3. Genevieve Muwana says

    Great article!! The greatest challenge for me is the home/work boundary. But now, I just stop when the kids come back from school and resume when they go to bed.

    1. Cassie | Womenswaytowealth says

      Hi Genevieve, thanks for your comments. I follow a similar routine to yours but it goes slightly to pot in the holidays when the kids are at home. As much as I try not to work when they’re at home, I calculated that in the course of 12 months, my kids are on holiday for 5 months (one of my sons is at private school, so it’s 2 months in the Summer, a month for Christmas and Easter, and 4 weeks of half-terms!).

      When you look at it like that it’s a wonder anything gets done – I think you just have to increase your efficiency 500% and work smart to fit it all in.

      I do end up working during the holidays (business doesn’t stop just because school’s out) but I try to ration my working time and intersperse it with family time and trips out. It is a constant juggling act though!

  4. Jessica says

    This is impressive – I believe that hard work can be also a key of success.

  5. Suyog says

    Hey Cassie,
    Awesome article. These tips are very important for us..
    Thank you.

  6. sam says

    Fantastic… I m very impressed. You have done an outstanding job. I learned a lot from this remarkable article. I want to thank you for sharing this great article with us.

  7. Oliver stocks says

    People can easily be successful by reading your article..your ideas and thoughts about doing home business and having successful in that was too good…Thanks for sharing..

  8. siddharth says

    This is a well needed guide and i believe that hard work can be also a key of success.So, thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Mia says

    Thank you Cassie for this. I need to look into getting myself a mentor. When I first started out I went to a course
    that was meant to give me one and then they never stuck with what they said. Since then I just got on with it.
    Now reading this I could do with other people to talk to about all of this. Thanks for this great article.

  10. priyanka verma says

    Hello Cassie
    You shared really important article regarding success in home business.And i think the first point i.e Establigh a home/work boundary is very important for home business.As most of the people specially women dont give it much preference but there should be a doundary between your personall life and professional life.

  11. Jenna says

    I was working on some projects one the topic of starting own business. Your wordings and tips helped me a a lot. Thank you for sharing your views.