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  1. ALi Davies says

    This is a great video. I think as a society we need to change the way we view and judge failure. In fact, we should move away from the whole concept of failure as we currently see it. It doesn’t serve us. The expectation that everything should work first time is a flawed, unrealistic and self defeating concept.

  2. Alison Derrick says

    Love the video – really made me smile and after 8 months of unemployment and unsuccessful interviews that is a great bonus.

    Need to keep it on my favourites list or filed away in the grey matter to cheer me up on dark days

  3. Chrisi says

    This is an inspiring video. I’ll be adding it to my own site as I’m running a series to help us learn and grow from our failures. I started out in 1998 and things were actually going pretty well for me. My newsletter group was up to 2000 and I had almost daily complements on my issues I put out. Then I became really sick in 2000 and sold my site, Netwoozy. I was offline most of the time until a few years ago when I was well enough to try again.

    I have to say I’ve failed many times but I’ve learned a great deal from those failures. One thing I learned was that I couldn’t do it all myself and I had to really stick to one thing and see it through.

    Thanks for this great video, I’m going to Tweet and LIKE it. Great stuff should be shared!