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If you could change one thing about the last 12 months what would it be?

Time to get laser focused.

If you could change one thing about the last 12 months what would it be?

Just one thing

When I ask myself this question, my busy mind goes into “I should have exercised more, I should have gone to more networking events, I should have rung my elderly aunt more often, planned our suppers better, made more time for friends and on and on and on. I start ‘shoulding’ on myself!

Even writing this, I feel as if I’m beating myself up relentlessly. It doesn’t feel good. So if that is your initial barrage of answers when you answer that question, try a kinder, more intuitive approach.

I’m asking you to consider just one thing. And let’s make this related to your business, or the starting of one. When we clear the noise, and access our subconscious, we will get a clear, single answer. This may be the one thing you need to do more of in the next 12 months that will turn your fortunes around.

I have just pondered this question in a relaxed state, I suggest you try it too…close your eyes and take a few deep, indulgent breaths. Then ask yourself the question, not to your cerebral self but rather your feeling self

What is the one thing I could have done differently in the last 12 months?

When I did this, my first answers were still like the ones above, but I sat and floated past them until I found the deeper, underlying answer.

And then it came. For me, what would have made the biggest difference in 2014 was acceptance. I have had enormous change in my life in the last 18 months, and not all of it positive. If I am honest, I know I haven’t accepted the change, at any level. Instead I have been skating along the surface, doing my work, and getting some great results. Yet, I know deep down, that things could be different today, had I deeply accepted all that my situation is now.

What is your one thing?

Once you have identified it, ponder it some more.

What does it mean? What difference would it have made to you if you had done it?

Maybe that ‘thing’ was scary, and forced you to get out of your comfort zone.

How does it feel to recognise it? Are you feeling at peace because you have called it into the open, or rather, feeling guilty, frustrated that this is still happening?

Whatever your response, be kind to yourself, acknowledge where you are, and make peace with that current reality.

You now have a wonderful nugget to work with. An insight that could transform your approach to your business, or maybe your life.

Ready for some more pondering?

I want you to take that thing, and then ask yourself, how you can make it happen in 2015?

What actions, thoughts, structures or routines do you need to put in place to support you?

Let me explain by way of example…

For me, I need to deeply accept that I have moved country, that I miss my friends dreadfully, my business model has to change again and that my marriage is hanging together by a slim thread. I have been in denial that I live a world away from my old home, and my support structure. I’ve been holding it together in this new country with a forced smile on my face, spending most of my time in contact with my old life (virtually), neglecting to build a real life where I now reside.

So what has to change?

1. Reframe and accept where I am

This means every time I want to burst into tears about missing my friends, I choose a positive thought about where I am right now to lift my spirits. Sounds facile but I have done this before in a time of grief and it works.

2. Get up close and personal

No, I’m not a teenager with a phone constantly attached to my hand but I have a screen based business model. It’s time to freshen it up, and change my business model to utilise my energy and touch real people again.

3. Connect

Time to dust of my business cards and get networking with local people – and realise this is my life now and I need to make the most of it.

What are the three steps you can take to shift that one thing for the next 12 months?

Please try this out, I know it will make a significant difference.

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