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How to represent your business brand through clothing

You and your team are the working embodiment of your brand. You already know they need to look the part. Have you thought of using your branding colours in your staff work-wear as an effective way to further market your brand?

Every interaction a member of staff has with customers, and the general public is an opportunity for your brand to gain additional exposure. It’s like having your own mobile advertisement.

Colour branded uniforms have a positive effect in three very different ways:

  • staff benefit through an increased sense of pride, share a sense of camaraderie and equality
  • company benefits through increased brand recognition and a professional looking team
  • customers benefit by easily identifying staff and building a sense of trust

Loyal staff = increased productivity = increased revenue

Remember: Even if you are a one-person business, you still have a uniform – it’s what you wear whilst you are in front of your customers.

Why wear a uniform?

There are some organisations we have come to expect to see in uniform. It helps them to stand out from the general public, helping them to be easily recognisable and for us to easily identify who they are. These are organisations such as the police, fire service, emergency services and armed forces and hospitals. We instinctively look for the colour of the uniform because it’s the first thing we see. Colour is registered by the brain before either images or typography.

Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%.” Source: University of Loyola, Maryland study

So how do we know what colours to look out for? We know for example the UK police are either in black, dark blue or their distinctive high visibility vests. Would we even think it was the police if they were walking around in other colours, say vivid pink? This is known as brand colour recognition and we are conditioned to look out for these particular colours.

Different colours can also be used to show different ranks, different roles within the same organisation. Think about when you are in a hospital, the nurse wears a different colour uniform to an orderly, to a surgeon.

Are your existing and potential customers conditioned to look for your business brand colours?

Regardless of whether you are a small business owner and you have a stand at a trade event, or a major corporation with hundreds of customers in your store, you will want your staff to be:

  • instantly recognisable
  • easily identifiable, especially if the uniform identifies their role
  • instilling trust

Could your business benefit from having a colour branded uniform?

3 Time Tested Tips to Integrate Your Branding Colours into Your Uniforms

1. Identify your core brand colour or colours with the help of an applied colour psychology expert for the most effective results

2. Decide on how the colours are to be applied to the clothing – will you use the colours in the detailing or the entire outfit

3. Ensure the final fabric colours exactly match your brand colours.

Each staff member wants to be part of a team which is well perceived. The right staff uniform will give them pride in being part of your business. Quite aside from the fact they’ll no longer need to pay for their own work wear!

Many major brands have brand coloured uniforms to further increase brand recognition. For example, British Airways staff wear uniforms featuring their branding colours. The uniforms reinforce the brands values, although it could be argued the British public identify better with the orange of easyJet!

Reinforcing your brand through the work wear of your staff is a bit like identifying your favourite chocolate bar by the wrapper. You know what’s on the inside by what appears on the outside.

Communicating through colour

As a business owner how much thought have you put into the tone and combination of colours that represent your business brand? Do you know what they are actually saying?

Surprisingly, most business owners use colour as decoration or as an afterthought.

Instead, think of colour as a subliminal language, another way to communicate and to attract your ideal clients.

Used to its full effect, your branding colours will give you the competitive edge, elicit the right emotional response from your prospects, and significantly increase your sales.





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