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Celebrating is for life, not just for Xmas

So, the decorations are packed away and the champagne flutes have been pushed to the back of the cabinet, but wait… let’s not be so hasty.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I love to hear the pop of a Prosecco cork. You can’t help but go ‘woohoo’. Admit it, you can’t. But just how often do you emit that whoop of joy as the result of giving yourself some praise for all the things you achieve?

It’s the single most challenging question that my clients stumble over. The one they seem to have a block with, when I ask them how they are going to celebrate achieving their actions or goals each week. It’s always the question which receives a complete blank, or utter dismissal of such a notion.

So why is it so important to celebrate?

Taking time to give yourself credit for the good work you’ve done, is as important as doing the work itself. Life is tough enough already, right? We are on a constant treadmill of work, home, organising and juggling. Without taking the time to stop and reflect on our successes, achievements are quickly forgotten; absorbed onto the belt of that treadmill. Not exactly encouraging is it? By simply doing a little more of what makes you feel happy will leave you feeling more motivated to continue working towards your goals, and empower you to achieve them.

But I don’t have the money to buy a bottle of fizz every week!

Celebrating your achievements doesn’t always have to end up in a Grand Prix style display of Moet-spray whooping and cheering – not unless you really want it to, but let’s face it, it would be kinda fun. No, taking time to give yourself a big ole’ pat on the back can be as simple as taking time out to do something that you most enjoy doing. What are those things that you most enjoy doing? The simple things? A long hot soak in the bath with enough bubbles to raise the Titanic? Yup! Actually going to the salon to get your nails done instead of trying to type and paint them yourself at the same time? Yesss, that’s the idea – go on – you really do deserve it.

Some tips for celebrating your successes:

  1. Add an hour into your time plan each week as ‘celebration time’
  2. Write a list of the stuff you really love doing and pick something each week
  3. Have a celebration fund pot – you could add some money each week when you’ve achieved your weekly actions to save up to something mega
  4. Invite others to celebrate with you. This can make things even more fun, and further cement your achievements
  5. Track your motivation levels out of 10 on a week where you do celebrate to see what a difference it makes

So, let me know in the comments how you get on. I’d love to hear how you are celebrating your achievements!

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  1. Deborah says


    Thanks so much for that. You’re right we find it so much easier to celebrate other people’s successes but when it comes to our own we go all bashful ‘it was nothing…’, ‘it’s just what I do…’. What’s that all about?

    I have a little treats fund that I dip into for the occasional massage/case of wine/whatever me-time treat takes my fancy. Every now and then I get together with other friends/family who work like I do and we treat ourselves to a couple of days mid-week at a spa. I’m still quite bad at taking proper holidays so the little treats mean a lot. I thoroughly recommend it.

    Thanks again for the reminder. Massage booked for next week. :0)


  2. catalin says

    very true …. a wonderful article!!!!!!!

  3. Djembe says

    This is a great message, I agree that people don’t celebrate their lives, accomplishments, and goals enough. People wait tell their bday or certain holidays. That’s why I try to make a nice dinner or do something extra nice for my gf randomly, just to let her know I care and remind her of why we are together.