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3 Ways to rock your marketing with Google Plus

I’m loving Google Plus but like many social media platforms there’s a lot of potential time-sucking material posted. Cutesy pictures of puppies and beautiful landscapes are great for moments of escapism but not good for productivity, especially when you’re working from home!

Why mention this?

A new client revealed recently that her big challenge is only being able to spend an hour a week promoting her business.

I love a challenge so we flipped this on its head and put together a plan that will allow her to totally rock her marketing in an hour’s concentrated effort a week. Result!

One of the ways she’ll achieve this is by using Google Plus effectively. Because Google Plus is more than just a social media platform, and all content is indexed and searchable across the web, you can get a lot of bang (results) for your buck (time invested).

Here are three ways to get more bang from your Google Plus marketing buck:

1. Build your business with circles

Google Plus contacts are organised into self-selected “circles”. When you add people to your circles they’ll receive notification that you’ve added them, but they won’t know which circle they’ve been added to, so you can call your circles what you like. No-one but you will see this.

You can create circles for customers, prospects, contacts in a particular area or niche, experts in a specific industry, industry influencers, those who’ve bought from you, friends, or topic specific circles such as “gardeners”, “MG enthusiasts” or “female entrepreneurs”.

And you can have people in more than one circle. Just drag and drop your contacts into the relevant circle(s).

Here’s how Google Plus circles look:

cassie 2

The beauty of circles is that you can tailor the information you send, depending on who’s in a particular circle. So, for example, you’ll communicate differently with customers who’ve bought from you than you would with potential clients.

If you’re running a local workshop you can target just those people in your local area, or those who have attended previous workshops or events.

This means you’re much more likely to have better engagement with your contacts because you’re not sending everything to everyone, and becoming white noise.

Your contacts will want to hear from you because you’re posting and sharing relevant information rather than blasting their “streams” (similar to the Facebook newsfeed) every time you post.

2. Receive tailored information

The flip side of this is that the information you see in your “streams”, which is constantly updating, can be sorted into topics.

Want a quick way to find out what the experts and influencers in your field are talking about? Click on that stream to view only the information shared by people in your “influencers and experts” circle.

It’s like creating your own Feedly or google alerts stream within your Google Plus dashboard.


cassie 1


3. A super quick way to find and engage with like-minded contacts

Joining one of the growing number of Google Plus communities is a great way to connect quickly. Within communities you’ll find like-minded people actively engaged in conversations about topics you’re interested in, and conversations you can contribute to.

Introduce yourself, join the conversations, help out where you can and be a likeable, friendly “asset to the collective” (as Soul to Soul sang in the 90’s!)

Google Plus Communities:

cassie 3


Joining communities is one of the best ways to find and engage with clients and potential clients. By actively participating you’ll also find out what’s important to your target audience, what their concerns and challenges are, and how you can help them.

Talk about a great way to listen to your market and find out what they want and need, and it’s free!

And, of course, you can share your links and services, as and when they’re relevant, and generate interest in you and your business.

You can achieve all this in 10-15 minutes a day by just showing up and participating consistently. I’ve found that consistency is more important than time spent, so commit to little and often, and you’ll rock your marketing on Google Plus.

What do you think? Love to hear you thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. tiina says

    Thanks Julie – that is great.
    One question though.
    How does one effectively start building circles?
    I have started the process but it seems slow and not really getting me anywhere..
    Or is the answer in joining communities and then building the circles?



    1. Carol Dodsley says

      The key to building circles is to not focus on the numbers but on the relationships and actively engage with people you want to learn from, connect with and comment on their posts, share relevant posts that others write, join communities and get to now people, and build great relationships.

      Do this from a “go to give” mindset and never ask anyone to circle you or look for tit for tat circling options, simple to add value and create strong relationships with others and your circles will grow themselves as people begin to get to know you and like what you share and how you add value, they will circle you to get more of your information and get to know you better too…

      Carol Dodsley – The GPlus How2Girl

    2. Cassie | MMSpark says

      Thanks Carol for a great response. The only thing I would add Tiina is to stick with it and try to spend time consistently on Google Plus building circles, visiting communities and making those all important contacts. It’s the “Slight Edge” approach and the snowball will build momentum if you keep going. See you on Google Plus!

  2. Karen says

    Thank you Julie for posting and Cassie for sharing.
    I enjoyed the reading and found the information extremely useful.

    1. Cassie | MMSpark says

      Thanks Karen, glad you found the article useful. Hope to see you on Google Plus!

  3. kim says

    Nevertheless, Google plus is still not that popular among people, on a global scale