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How to fool your brain into thinking you’ve already won

Last week I shared my thoughts on Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In… and one of the key issues that many women have is lack of confidence.  As Sheryl says, they don’t put themselves forward, preferring to wait until they feel confident enough for whatever the task requires.

In this video Amy Cuddy, shows both incredible vulnerability and honesty around when she didn’t feel like she was good enough (note she is now an Associate Professor at Harvard Business School) and some fantastic advice that she was given by one of her professors.  I’m not going to share the advice with you – you need to watch the video for that.  But what I will say is that she provides some fantastic tools for helping you to feel more confident in ANY situation.

Watch it and you will never look at Wonder Woman the same again.

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  1. carolferro says

    I already do the “fool your brain into thinking you’ve already won”, I didn’t realize it was a “thing” until I watched that. I have a song I sing (The Amazing Song) which I use to boost my confidence before going into unfamiliar situations. I have found it really helps, and people view me as confident and outgoing when I feel anything but!
    I got my daughter cycling by asking her to imagine she was 6 months from then, looking back at herself before she could cycle. Within the hour she was off on the bike as if it really was 6 months later.

    1. Julie Hall - Editor says

      That’s a great story Carol! I think we all need tricks like this to boost us up when we are having ‘not so confident’ days 🙂

  2. Ron says

    I read as many motivational books that I can get my hands on and the video really put everything into perspective. I will have to watch it again to get all I can out of it. I am not a singer so don’t think I will be singing the song but it really is inspirational! Thank you for the video and the little push I needed to go even farther!

  3. Farrell John Conejos says

    “It’s all in the mind”. That’s I usually think when I feel uncertain and afraid to do things. For me, the mind is a powerful tool yet it is complicated to use. Studies show that us, human beings only use at least 20% of our brains capacity. It’s a living wonder how brain works. So for me, the “fool the brain technique” is not literary fooling the mind but hence, we condition our mind and focus onto something that we want to do. A good technique to enhance focus and confidence.

  4. Jenny says

    It really is all about how we perceive the world around us, isn’t it? (rather than the external stimulus causing us to react or feel a certain way). For years I didn’t really understand or appreciate this distinction. But through a lot of inner work and habit forming, I’m glad to say I can catch myself feeling unconfident at times and turn it around. Sure, I’m not impervious to low confidence days, but it certainly helps turn them around a lot more quickly. Thanks so much for this video – really too a lot from it ; ) J

  5. Lorraine Reid says

    Great article, really uplifting – every woman, no matter what she does should read it