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How to create your comment gravatar image

Commenting on blog posts is a great way to build natural links back to your own website and start to build relationships with other bloggers … And you may have noticed that some people have their pictures next to their comments, and some people don’t.  Those pictures are called a Gravatar image.  Gravatar images can be a great way to make your comment stand out and also are a useful relationship building tool if you are active on social media.

Setting up your Gravatar image

Thankfully Gravatar’s are really easy to set up.  You can have a gravatar that reflects your brand, like we have one that uses the four circles of the Women Unlimited logo or you can have one that is a picture of you or you can have one that is more abstract.

Given a choice, I would recommend using a photo of yourself, but do think it is also valid to use a brand icon image for your gravatar.  If you are active in social media, your photo can become very recognisable and it is useful to use the same image every time.  So using the same photo on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus means that every time someone sees it, they will recognise that it is you.

A gravatar is attached to your email address.  So when you leave a comment, you will need to put in the email address that you set up the gravatar on.  You can attach other email addresses and you can also set up separate avatars for different email addresses (which is what you would do if you wanted to have a brand based gravatar image plus a personal gravatar image).

You create your gravatar image by visiting en.gravatar.com

Create your gravatar step by step


Step 1: Enter your email address that you want to attach your gravatar image to.

Get started with your gravatar image

Step 2: The system will send you an email to confirm… Click on the link to confirm


Step 3: Finish completing all the details including selecting a username.

create your gravatar image account

Step 4: Select My Account and Manage My Gravatars

Gravatar image website

Step 5: Select the email address you want to use or add a new one


Step 6: Choose where you would like to upload your gravatar image from


Step 7: Adjust your gravatar image until it is just right

adjust gravatar image until it is just right

Step 8: Test your gravatar is working properly by adding a comment


Hurray! It’s worked


So now I would like you to go and create your gravatar and leave a comment below so we can see it action.


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