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From Business Owner to Full Time Blogger with Rona Wheeldon

A couple of years ago Rona Wheeldon decided to pursue her passion for flowers and create a blog called Flowerona.com.  At the time, she was just interested in exploring her creativity and pursuing a passion that she had engaged in for many years.  Flowers. A year later she had closed down her thriving virtual assistant business (and it was genuinely thriving!) to commit herself to her blog full-time.

The move to full time blogger

She now writes for her blog every day and is able to explore her passion in ways that she could never have imagined. She is regularly invited to engage with successful florists, write about the Chelsea Flower Show, even create one of the Olympic bouquets.  In this interview Rona shares with us a little bit about her journey, how she has managed to grow her blog so successfully and the importance of finding your own specialist niche.  Since making this shift in her business, Rona’s life has been transformed and while she works harder than ever, every day is filled doing the things that she loves.  Her blog is a joy to read and her philosophy is that it should bring happiness to everyone that reads it.  I hope you enjoy the interview.


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  1. Sara says

    Great interview. An inspiration to all of us bloggers, hoping to make it our main business.

  2. olasumbo adeleke says

    Hi, I just found your site. I’m into the export of sheabutter & sheanuts.I also have sheablossom,a sheabutter cream which I supply to supermarkets and beauty spas. This is a product that is about natural beauty and I would like to know how to start blogging about it. Should I separate the blog site or put the blog on my site? I also would like to know how to attract customers to my site, how to start blogging and use social media for my business. Any suggestions?

  3. Bart Schultz says

    This is amazing, I hope Rona is doing well with her blog. It sounds delightful from your interview. I actually never heard of anyone going from owning a business to blogging!

  4. Rona Wheeldon says

    Thank you Sara and Bart for your lovely comments!

  5. Denise says

    Hi there. Just stumbled across this and want to say Congratulations! A great interview and a real inspiration 🙂 dx