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This week is all about Blogging inspiration

This week’s fav’s are posts that have moved me, made me laugh, taught me something new or just plain inspired me.  Yesterday we ran a fantastic blogging workshop (can I say that about my own workshop?) so I’m also sharing some brilliants posts that will make your blog rock.

This week’s Friday Favourite

The Builders Story

This blog post from Chris Brogan completely resonated with me on so many levels.  Is fear stopping you from tearing down a house that’s built on the wrong foundation?  Ok, perhaps that line doesn’t sell this post as well as it should, but it is a must read for every small business owner – even if your house isn’t sinking.


Blogging inspiration & learning

30 SEO Experts Share the Most Compelling Content that Influenced Their Works

If you are blogging for business, SEO (search engine optimisation) has to be a core part of your blogging strategy.  The more relevent traffic that comes to your site, the more potential customers you will be able to wow with your content and expertise.  This post gives loads of fantastic insights from those who know and they share where their inspiration has come from.


How travel bloggers make money from their blogs

I saw Heather Cowper talk about how to make money from a blog at this weeks London bloggers meetup and this post is a summary of her talk.  Heather has created a successful blog called heatheronhertravels.com and off the back of that success has created a fantastic resource for new bloggers on mybloggingjourney.com.  Check it out if you are looking for blogging business models.


How to create the next step for your readers

This blog post is definitely worth a read and I really recommend that you go to the Psychotactics website and sign up for Sean’s newsletter and get his ebook why do most headlines fail (and what to do about it). This is one of my top 5 favourite blogs and the headline pdf is incredibly useful as a headline writing tool (which is one of the most challenging parts of writing a blog!)


How to become a conversion machine for bloggers

As always, Glen Alsopp is full of words of wisdom on how to make your blog / site more effective 5867 words to be exact!  Go make a cup of tea and take a 15 minute break, I promise you’ll learn lots.


Just for fun

50 Things everyone should know

Did you know that left handed people live 9 years less than a right handed one?  Me neither!  I feel the clock ticking


Advice on Potty Training

Ok, this doesn’t relate to blogging per say, but it made me laugh out loud and while I didn’t have this experience per say, any mother will tell you potty training isn’t much fun!    Julia Boggio has done incredibly well to create such a popular blog in such a short period of time.


20 Inspiring Examples of single page websites

What can I say, once a web designer, always a web designer… but these are some really fantastic examples of beautiful design that is functional.


OMG, this is just the weirdest video I’ve ever seen!

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