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E-myth Revisited

It still surprises me how many people haven’t heard of or read this amazing book. It is without question the most valuable book on my bookshelf. The E-myth Revisited is a must have for any business owner who wants to succeed in business.

The E-myth stands for Entrepreneurial Myth (not e-commerce as you might think in todays age).  In the E-myth, Michael Gerber tells the story of Sarah, who went from making pies for fun to managing a store that delivered pies as a business. She soon became enslaved to her business, dreading the love she once had. But more so, unable to grow the business to achieve her vision.

Gerber’s ability to simplify complex concepts into practical ones is masterful. I would recommend this book to any person who is considering to launch his or her own business and to any executive who would like to run his or her group as if managing their own business.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out what some other people say.  And buy this book, you won’t regret it!


I don’t normally like story telling as a way of sharing knowledge and learning, but in this book I make an exception.  The business wisdom inside the pages are essential reading for anyone who is starting out or struggling in their own business.

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  1. Emily Coltman says

    My beef with The E-Myth Revisited is that Michael Gerber really doesn’t seem to have taken on board that a one-man (or one-woman) business is still a business – not a job.

    True, there are several businesses that just don’t lend themselves to being run single-handed, and a retail shop is one of them.

    But there are plenty of businesses where the owner just wants to do the work themselves, work alone, tick along quietly and earn enough money to pay the bills. And Michael Gerber, to me, seems to dismiss those as “jobs”.

    My business is to make bespoke screen capture videos. And I don’t want to run a team of people who are making videos. I want to make the videos myself.

    That’s not a job, in my book. That’s my small business.


  2. Julie Hall - Editor says

    Hi Emily, Thanks for your thoughts – you are right, the e-myth is more for people who want to grow their business rather than people who want to work their own business.

    Though, if you want to use freelancers or even a personal assistant, the principles in the book are very relevant. Personally I have found delegation on of the most challenging aspects of running my own business and Gerber’s position on systemising your business is really helpful in overcoming this. Also, as a small busienss owner, I often find I am constantly running out of time to do all the things that need to be done and by having a clear outline of the steps involved, it does make it much easier.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this book

  3. Martin Thomas says

    I’m Interested in your thoughts.. Does 37signals or E-myth have the right philosophy for business start-ups today? http://www.purlem.com/blog/?p=38