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Do you make the best of your natural assets? Personal grooming in 2009

Surely with the world focused on the economic crisis, there isn’t time for grooming! Pauline Crawford of Gender Dynamics tells us why it’s even more important than ever.

Why should grooming matter?

It’s a sure sign of self-respect and self-value. It says volumes about you and how you can survive the current uncertainty many face at the moment. Today with major redundancies, huge losses, house re-possessions, business is tough and life is on a tight rope for so many people. These are all aspects of a new world we didn’t know until a few months ago.

Women are resilient so let’s show the world we care about ourselves. Our most precious possession is ‘our-self’, quite literally our body, our mind, our emotional presence and our self image in this world. The way we present ourselves, the nature of our demeanour, the rapport we build and the service we delivery are key to success, especially in 2009.

  1. So taking a broader view on grooming – and indeed the grooming of our environment, our social life and our business presentation – this all comes down to one thing; YOU and the responsibility you take for yourself. Here are some ideas to help you gain the confidence you need everyday whatever the weather!
  2. Take time to care – about your body hygiene, your skincare regime, your energy and your fitness. Everything you need to make your whole body smile! You can be beautiful every day – and the basics don’t need to cost much. It is vital to shower and smile! Both activities will make you and everyone else happy! Make sure your hair is clean and styled…long or short, it’s your crowning glory and don’t forget to show gleaming teeth!
  3. Own your clothes – do your clothes fit you? It’s important to wear clothes that are not tight or loose, for your body at the weight you are at now. Don’t wear items just because they got stuck in your wardrobe! Make sure you wear clothes you love and are well dressed and accessorized. Ensure the whole look is fresh, meaningful and connected to your message!
  4. Send the message you want – a message of success, of friendliness, of love and affection, of personal ownership, of influence and authority. Whatever you wear let it be about you – if you don’t know what that style is then take advice from a professional image consultant.
  5. Look prepared and in control – plan in cleaning time for garments, ironing where necessary and mending when damaged. If you value yourself, you will present a polished look, whether classic formal or casual jeans, you can still look a mess if you don’t put some effort into your look. When your look says ‘I care about myself’ it says you’ll care about me and my environment.
  6. Stand on your own two feet – understanding the value you gain when you enter a room, meet people, old friends and new, means you always wear your best look out. You become known as a highly presentable person. You always make an impact of your surroundings. Stand tall, walk gracefully and greet others consistently positive – especially in this recession. Be ‘as if’ always!!

Why make a bad impression when you can make a great one?

Grooming is not about the most expensive toiletries, the most high priced clothes, the gold and glitter – it is about a sense of your value; that you matter; that you took time to look good; that you polished your shoes; that you added some make-up; whatever it was to complete your picture , you made an effort.

The small stuff does count. If you made an effort it feels good, you will act with energy and a sense of purpose, and find a core building-block on which to survive and thrive in today’s daily challenges.

I always say to my clients, “you have to wear something so make it work for you, inside and out”. Take time and effort to be your BEST! Grooming takes on a sense of pride when you own this – it doesn’t work naturally unless you feel good about yourself with a truly purposeful perspective.

So let’s take it to the next level- grooming influences your presence in the wider social and business circles you meet. Grooming means you respect yourself and so others will respect you. A few more tips that extend your circle of influence and attraction in business and in life:

1. Be a good listener and use true honest manners.
2. Respect others’ time, space and property – especially in a shared environment.
3. Respond to all calls, texts and emails with speed and honesty – even when you do not have an answer.
4. Make introductions where appropriate – be aware of customs and cultures – shake hands firmly with women and men alike as deemed fit.
5. Always be attentive to the ‘speaker’ in meetings, presentations and group conversations.
6. Avoid discussions on non-business topics that can provoke and offend in any new social or business conversation – however do express your personal character through interests and hobbies.
7. Never make promises you cannot keep – however small they seem.
8. Be aware of the social protocol at events and conferences – who’s there, what’s the style, where’s the action – research what is required before you attend.
9. Establish a consistent outer professional credibility in every situation however stressed you may be inside.
10. Relax and enjoy being ‘yourself’ mindful of the situations – remember you are the successful confident person you wish to be.


About the Author: Pauline Crawford is a Change Agent, Professional Executive Coach and Gender Dynamics Expert. After a long career in Corporate Culture Change, Image Consultancy and Wellness, Pauline has designed a new way to help men and women develop their careers, their business success and their lifestyle balance.

Running major programmes such as Personal Impact, Balanced Leadership and Talent Development, to leverage the power of men and women equally, Pauline coaches people to excel in their natural performance at work! www.genderdynamics.co.uk

Photo credit: This fabulous photo was taken by Vincent Boiteau

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    I want to open a grooming company in my country. Do you offer such training?

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