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Do you enjoy writing for your business?

Do you hate writing for business?

Do you often put off writing articles and marketing copy?

Do you often just ‘rush’ your newsletter out in order to promote something new or try to quickly bring in some new business? Does it work well?

Well if you do, then there’s a good chance it will show and a have a negative impact on the response you get! And by this I don’t mean that the actual content or grammar will let you down (although of course it’s an important factor) but the energy, intent and state from which you write has a big impact on the reader and the way they respond.

Have you ever received a mailing or read some web copy and thought ‘WOW that person seems so passionate about their business and what they do’? Or maybe just reading their copy really lifts your spirits, makes you smile or motivates you to do something. Often you may not be consciously aware of this change in state or if you are you may not credit it to the copy you’ve just read, but believe me it can have a huge impact!

Your writing has an energy in that same way that you carry a positive or negative energy when you speak to someone. If you reluctantly go off to a networking meeting, perhaps feeling resentful of the time you’re spending or just not looking forward to going then that less than positive energy will reflect the way people respond to you and the results that you get from the meeting. And the same applies to your written communication; if you write from a place of fear, resentment, stress or even anger then this will be communicated to your readers – whether consciously or unconsciously and will affect the results you get.

If you don’t feel confident in your writing or you just try to squeeze it in or get it out of the way then you need to take a fresh approach and start by getting yourrself into a resourceful state. Get rid of all the negative chatter (we all have it at times!) – “I cant’”, “I’m no good at”, “I’ve haven’t got time”, “nobody will want to read it” and focus on the state you want to be in when you write and the energy you want to pass on to your readers. Do you want to write from a place of confidence, passion, motivation, joy, high energy ……………… or some other positive state?

One thing you can do when you sit down to write is to think about the fabulous outcomes that your clients will get when they work with you, the numerous ways you can help them and how happy they will be with the results; perhaps read (or re-read) a fantastic testimonial you have received from a treasured client or think about some of your ideal clients and the great work you have done with them.

Finally test your writing out on someone else and ask them how they felt when they read it? Did it have the desired effect and impact, did they get a sense from your writing that you were coming from a place of passion, joy, confidence …………  or whatever desired state you want your reader to feel? Not only is this good for your writing and your reader, it’s great for you too!

Go on, get writing – you know you want to!


About the Author: Jenny Littlejohn. Jenny specialises in helping small business owners (especially service professionals) who are stuck, confused and frustrated with their marketing and business development efforts. Jenny helps her clients to define precisely who their clients are and how they buy in order to develop and implement an individually tailored marketing program that makes them stand out from the crowd and attract their ideal clients.  She loves blogging and writing articles as a way of sharing valuable knowledge and inspiring women to try think in new ways and try a different approach.  Check out her blog the inspiredpreneur

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