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We Want You!

You might not realise it, but you are probably an expert in your field.  We would love to share your excellence with the world, or at least the Women Unlimited Community, by publishing fabulous, in-depth articles that you have written on topics that you are passionate about and that are relevant to our audience of business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe.

What to Write?

Your articles need to be packed full of value for our readers to get onto our site.  Our community is made up of business owners and entrepreneurs so any articles you write for us should, of course, reflect that.

We’d love it if you could help our readers with their learning and development, focusing on and giving new interest to marketing, customer management, inspiration, confidence, work/life balance, business skills and how-to-guides relating to each, every and any area of business that lights your sparkler.

We will not publish anything that’s sales-driven-fluff; if it’s not got value and it’s not got ‘moxie’, it won’t get a look-in – but many of our writers get new clients and interest after writing for our site – plus you get that all important SEO link back to your website.

Unfortunately we don’t publish any articles on losing weight, badly-dressed celebs, your love life or your star-signs – but if you are able to inspire women to create more success in their business lives and business success, we’d love to hear from you.

Length matters

To get the most out of your expertise for our readers we need your articles to be around 800-1200 words in length.  The length of the article is not the be all and end all so don’t feel the need to fill your article with gumph, however if you start struggling at around 300 words, then you probably want to think a little bit more about what you want to say.


Articles should be easy to read and well structured.  Section headings should be used when possible for ease of reading on screen.

Please send us your article as a Word or similar document, with little or no formatting.  Any illustrations necessary to the content should be of high quality and not inserted into the document but sent separately as a jpg, with a note to the editor in the text (i.e. insert fig A here.) at the appropriate place.

We encourage hyperlinks to be used in your copy, as well as you tube videos and other on-line media.


We source all featured images, but are happy to consider any images that you provide.

Submission and Publication

You can submit a one off article, but to be listed on the Women Unlimited contributor page, you must commit to writing for us regularly and we will add you after the third submission.

We are happy to accept submissions for either monthly publication or on an ad-hoc basis. If you write for us ad-hoc, your articles will be published in line with editorial themes so they make sense for our audience, not necessarily in the order in which we receive them.

Please be aware, we have a turn around of at least 3 weeks review, feedback and editing time for the articles from submission to publication to ensure that they are formatted, optimised, proof read, the titles tweaked, and the perfect picture picked to ensure each post really jumps out at our readership.

Once you have registered your interest, we will respond to you by email if we feel we would be a ‘good fit’ together.  Please note that due to the number of enquiries we receive, we will only contact you if you have been successful.  Once you are registered as a contributor, you will be given a submission and publication schedule.  Due to the nature of the beast, we work on a strict time scale; if you miss your allocated submission date, your article will not be published until a new slot becomes available.

Exclusivity and Rights

The articles you submit should be shiny new content and exclusive to Women Unlimited.  We don’t mind if you have similar articles elsewhere, but please make sure the article you submit to us is for us only.

We may also print your articles (accredited to you, of course) in our fantastic mini-magazine.

Please note we reserve the right to edit all articles as we see fit.

We also reserve the right not to publish submitted articles.

Comments and Social Media

Once your articles are live on the Women-Unlimited site we would like you to respond to any comments made on your post, and we’d be delighted if you wanted to comment on any of our other articles too!

All our articles are available to share via various social media so when you’re published you can get tweeting and sharing articles with all of your on-line contacts.

Contributor info

We have a section at the end of your posts containing a brief author biography.

This is your opportunity to tell our readers about you and your business in one paragraph.

We’d also love to have a picture of you to sit alongside your biog.

The way you can get your pic up is by letting us know your gravatar-linked email address.  You can create your own gravatar at the gravatar website, http://en.gravatar.com,  and it’s quick and easy to do. This gravatar will appear whenever you write an article, or comment anywhere on the web and should be attached to your main email address.

What do you get out of it?

The benefits of writing for Women Unlimited include the opportunity to talk directly to a very exclusive audience, excellent social media promotion, the chance to increase the traffic to your site and generating greater awareness of yourself, your speciality, and your business and brand.

Let’s get started!

Click here to register your interest or send an email to Jayne Ryan jayne@women-unlimited.co.uk  if you have any further questions.