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Closing the sale, as easy as ABC – Always Be Closing

I’ve often told the sales people working for me that the longest 30 seconds of their life will be after they have asked for a sale. Time after time I emphasise the fact that if you speak first you lose.

As a Sales Manager it pains you to hear your sales staff closing a sale with “Would like to take the offer today, or do you want to think about it?”  Even if the prospect had made their mind up to buy your service or product, this mistake will give them the excuse to reflect on their decision, and the salesperson could potentially lose the sale for good!

There are many types of close, and you should think carefully about which you will use to match the type of prospect you are presenting to. The type of close can also depend at which stage of the sale you are going to try and clinch the sale. I once challenged one of my sales consultants to close during the first stage of the sale, within a few days he did it and was amazed at how far his skills had came as a salesperson!

Below are the first 5 basic ways of closing a sale:

Hard Close – “I can see you are very interested in our services, when do you want to start?”

Assumptive Close – “Would you like the gold or silver service to start?”

Guilt Close – “You have come to see me today because of (the reason) how can you afford not to take the service today?”

Emotional Close – “How do you think you will feel when you are able to use our service/product every day?”

Urgent Close – “This offer is only available for a limited number of new customers, I cannot guarantee I would be able to offer it to if you came back at a later date.”

When it comes to closing a sale NEVER EVER do it with a closed question. If you ask a customer a question that they can say “Yes” to they can just as easily say “No”. Keep the question open, this keeps communication open and gives you a chance to overcome an objection should it arise.

Within the sales training sessions I hold the candidates take part in an exercise to think of at least three versions of each close. It’s interesting how creative a sales person can be when taken out of their usual routine or comfort zone, and it often provides a challenge to use a different one for each sale. Keeping the sales process interesting and challenging for a sales person will ensure that the person out their selling your business is a great reflection on your company.


About the Author:  Kerry Smith is a business consultant that specialises in sales and marketing.  After 15 years working in sales and marketing she decided to take the leap and start her own business helping others with their sales and marketing needs.  If you would like more details on the Sales Training session she offers you can email her on info@klsmith.co.uk

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