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Choose when to step up your networking activity

There are certain key periods in the year that are particularly well suited to business networking. By concentrating your efforts at these points you will maximise leverage from your business networking efforts to achieve business success, according to Score More Sales founder and business expert Lori Richardson.

In the latest of her regular weekly business TV shows on leading online business TV network yourBusinessChannel, Richardson explains why smart entrepreneurs and executives will chose certain times of year to step up their business networking.

In the show, Richardson explains that there are three times during the year which are really worth focusing your business networking efforts on. These are opportunities to find and create strategic alliances with other people, companies, and organisations who can help bring your business success. A strategic alliance is a relationship with a partner who knows you and likes you, and who can help your business by referring work, finding new contacts, or helping your company find business success in some other way.

In this business TV show, Richardson explains that the end of the year is a great time for business networking. This is a natural time of year to get in touch with all of your business contacts, especially those who have referred business to you during the year, or who you have been in close contact with. You can send out a brief message that summarises your business success during the year, and updates any other relevant news. This will remind all your contacts not only that you exist, but also that you are an exciting person to know. You may like to contribute some idea or advice about how your contacts can achieve business success in the new year.

If you’ve missed the boat making contact at the end of the year, says Richardson, don’t be too concerned. In her show she explains that there are two other great times of year to leverage business networking to achieve phenomenal business success.

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