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Business Attitude or Business Ability: Which will get you through the credit crunch?

Why? Because I think your business mindset is far more powerful and has a far greater influence over your ability to succeed than your business background or experience.

I believe business is an attitude. And if you don’t have an attitude to succeed – no matter what the costs – then you will probably fail.
Tough but probably a fair statement, wouldn’t you agree?

You can have the best skills training in the world and the most impressive business career behind you but if you don’t believe in “you” and your business, then you are very likely to let the gremlins in and talk you out of attending that networking event, phoning that client once more to follow up on that proposal or chickening out of a speaking engagement that could have had you up in front of 100 people who perfectly fit your target customer profile.

And business attitude is needed even more in the economic climate that we are facing today.

I was speaking to a lady who owned a shop selling luxury food items last week about how she was worried about her marketing. She had noticed a dramatic drop of trade since May and was struggling to bring people in to her shop. She had also noticed that the designer hat shop next door had a 70% sale going on, as well the dress store on the other side. People had stopped spending money in her town, apparently.

But carrying on with the conversation, she then admitted that the other clothing store across the street seemed to be unaffected. They had no sale stickers in their window. They still sold their designer brands, but business was as usual. The credit crunch didn’t’t seem to be affecting them.

Business attitude is about holding your own when everyone is panicking and decreasing their prices.

Business attitude is about ploughing on with your marketing plan, even when you have had a major set-back and your biggest client has cancelled their contract with you.

It’s about looking at your products and services which are not selling as well as you think they should and asking yourself, what can I do differently?

So, in answer to my question “Business Attitude or Business Ability: Which will get you through the credit crunch?” it’s business attitude all the way.

Be aware of the economic climate, know what the interest rates are doing and keep an eye on the exchange rate. Don’t make rash decisions – absolutely – but, more importantly, don’t let the credit crunch talk you out of achieving success.

A little bit of business attitude goes a very, very long way.


About the Author: Karen Skidmore helps self-employed professionals and home business owners to create successful (and profitable!) business from home. To subscribe to her free email newsletter and get access to practical advice and marketing ideas that will move your business forward, visit www.CanDoCanBe.com

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  1. Erik Speekenbrink says

    Facile, is the word that springs to mind! Belief and convinction are everything but it is too easy and wrong to ascribe others’ business tactics or strategies to having more courage, not knowing other people’s situation it is dangerous to prescribe copycat tactics. Knowing what one can afford to do and not do is key in survival!

    Erik Speekenbrink

  2. Elaine F says

    Actually you need both to be successful. Business ability/acumen which includes both skills base and knowledge base is required to build and maintain success. That being said, you also need to have, and maintain a strong, confident and positive attitude in respect of you self and your skills and knowledge base.

    Either – without the other to underpin means that you may get lucky and succeed in the short term but to continue and thrive in the long term both positive attitude and realistic business ability are needed.

  3. David N says

    Personally I think the previous two comments miss the point.

    In a micro-business especially you as the owner are often expected to be brilliant at everything in the business – when in fact you are not and cannot be. The best business people are NOT those who know everything. In fact the more they think they know, often the worse they are (note how many academics are good business people).

    The trick is to know what you don’t know – and then doing something about it. So Karen is absolutely right. This doesnt mean ignoring the world around you – but it does mean acting in a way that controls your own destiny.