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Are you up for the #CustomerLove Challenge?

A few days ago I read here, how Lavonne Ellis of the Complete Flake was totally inspired after reading a blog post Make Them Love You. THEN Ask For Money on the Ittybiz website.   In this post, Naomi recommends that you “Spend the first 28 days being totally, ridiculously awesome. Plan to make 100% of your money on the 29th day”

After reading that post, Lavonne decided that she was going to take immediate action and do the 29 day challenge and asked on Twitter if anybody would like to join her.  To her surprise about 40 people took up the mantle and said “YES!”.   She learned lot on that first programme and is now running another #customerlove challenge for the month of November(apologies for the late notice!)

You can download the ebook from the last 28 day challenge here .  Not only is the ebook beautifully done , it is also full of inspiration and ideas on how to love your customers and keep yourself motivated over the course of the month.

Lavonne has also setup a website http://makecustomersloveyou.com/ which will offer regular updates and content for the challenge.

I love this idea for a number of reasons (and really wish that I had thought of it!!!) and have decided to take action in my own businesses and use this challenge as an opportunity to add more value and more love to my customers – that’s you 🙂

The customerlove challenge requires you to commit to your customers and your business in a way that you never have before and it requires you to be focused on your activities.  Lavonne has setup a number of support structures for people that are involved in the challenge which you will find out about via her website and the twitter #customerlove hashtag . We have also added our own Customer Love sub-group on the Women Unlimited Linked In Group so feel free to join there and connect with other Women Unlimited members who are up for the challenge.

Don’t worry if you don’t know yet what the magic offer is going to be at the end of your 28 days, this is all about building stronger, smarter,  and better relationships with your customers.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing this fantastic opportunity with you and I really hope that you will all join me and really accelerate your business over the next 28 days.


About the Author:  Julie Hall is the founder of Women Unlimited and Springmedia – connect with me on Linked In and Twitter

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  1. Julie Morris says

    I’m inspired!!

  2. Julie Hall - Editor says

    That’s great Julie! Come join us on the Linked In sub group and we’ll support each other through the month

  3. LaVonne Ellis says

    Julie, this is so amazing! I can’t believe the way this challenge has taken off — thank you!!!