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5 Ways to boost credibility through your website

What’s the point of your website? Often, if you are a business, it’s to convince people to buy your services or products.

What makes people buy? They need to feel they know you, like you and trust you.

Which is why you need to build credibility – yay!

So now I have convinced you, you need to read this if you are a business and you have a website; let me reveal  5 things that help you boost credibility on your website.


I know, these can be faked, but when people have testimonials on their website, they do help to convince people “oh, there is someone else who used this company and they liked their services”. Sometimes testimonials can have the full name of the person who gave it, and sometimes it has to be anonymous/discreet (e.g. you can put the initials, and what they do / where they are generally) or something generic like that. But whatever your business, if you can get testimonials from clients/customers, do so and put them on your website – your homepage is the best place for them!

Read more tips on testimonials here: on my post entitled “How to supercharge your testimonials”

Case Studies

These are really important. People love to read stories, and it helps to put your services in context. They like to see that other people like them, have used your services, and they like to read about a successful outcome. If you do have case studies on your website make sure they are clear and easy to read, and each case study is organised and formatted consistently with the others on your site. Read our post detailing “5 things your case studies should include”

Advice Posts on Your Blog

You’ve probably heard the buzzword “thought leadership”. I have to admit, I have even used it for people. But really you need to think about your blog as more than a place to update people on your team building events and press mentions (though those are great too, and can even build credibility). Well written and easy to read posts on your blog which give advice, help your audience by giving them valuable free information, and also shows off how well you know your topic.

Pictures of you / your team on your team page

This is something that you may not expect to give credibility but it does.  Of course you need to get great pictures taken for the team page (check out ours and let me know if you want the details of our photographer) but being happy to show your faces does make a difference in the trust you can build! It does!

Logos of other companies

Aha – you read the header above and you wondered, what do you mean by that? Or maybe not. But, including the logos of the awards you have won, organisations you are affiliated with, organisations you are a member of, companies you partner with, or your clients – does add credibility. There is something official looking about including these on your website (you can use them in your website footer or on your homepage)

So there you have it. I would love to know your thoughts – what elements of a website make you trust a company more? Please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Farrell John Conejos says

    Hey Keren,

    Nice post. The things that you’ve just shared made me realize a lot of things about boosting one’s credibility. Trust is an important element that businessmen would want to have from their clients. And what better way to get trust then to be honest with customers. If businessmen are honest with their customers, then the customers will pay them back with trust which will lead to building their credibility thus making the business progressive and successful. Testimonials are made by customers when they feel that the business and products are safe and effective and in my opinion, testimonials are good credibility boosters.